The M Boutique Family is curious about you as you are about us!

Tin Mining Mural, Ipoh

Our origins

Our Parents of M Boutique were toying with business ideas in the hopes of rejuvenating their birthplace, or in Bahasa Malaysia, ‘kampung‘ sometime during the early 2000s.  The idea of opening a hotel was among the topmost consideration. However, the shadow of the recent Asian Economic Crisis of 1997 lingers. Is Ipoh to remain in it’s past glory, disappearing into the annals of Malaysian history? As luck would have it, a couple of years later ‘Lost World of Tambun’ began construction, providing our Parents a glimmer of hope.  As a result, this encouraged other businesses to begin opening specialty homestays in the city.

Reinvigorated, our Parents started afresh, despite discouragement from friends. This is simply because they had no prior experience in the Hospitality Sector let alone building a Boutique Hotel. They still thought it was a good idea as the bigger established hotels in the city, then, did not bother to renovate their properties after years of operations. As such, our Parents persevered. Ultimately, together with their BFF: Lifeshop Atelier, they forged ahead creating a quirky concept hotel. Together with a youthful Hotel Team, the vision was slowly forming. Eventually, after some blood, sweat, and tears, M Boutique Ipoh was conceptualised in October 2013. As of today, M Boutique Family of Hotels & Residences is still growing; on our life’s journey – which began with that single first ideation.

Who is the M Boutique Family?

Meet the Family

The M Boutique Family is a multiverse of personalities with one common trait; we are The Young and/or Young at Heart. We aspire to change the mindset of the Malaysian Hotel industry. How? By showcasing the talents and capabilities of today’s youth, despite their age. In contrast, we have come to accept both positives and negatives of everything ‘youthful‘. Therefore, we think we are progressive hoteliers. With this young energy, we will continue to swim against the current, remaining positive with our rebellious flair. We explicitly promise to be continually unpretentious and as honest as possible in all that we do. “Pinky promise!”.

Our Core Values

Luggage Service

“We are a young upstart, full of youthful enthusiasm. In creating an attitude, we will exude confidence from being the best that we can be. We will not be grand because we can never be. However, we will be unpretentious but sure of ourselves because we are a hotel that will give you more than what you expect”.

“Driven by a youthful exuberance, cultivating talent is important to us. Furthermore, we encourage original ideas in providing our services with an unpretentious flair. In contrast this can only come from being confident and totally at ease with our competence”. We aim to be a trendsetter in the Malaysian Hotel Sector. This is the DNA of the M Boutique Family.

Walking On

Checking In The M Boutique Train

M Boutique has been imitated, copied, and plagiarised by many in Malaysia (if not abroad too!). We’re not complaining. However, we are bold to say that we played a big part in escalating the Boutique Hotel movement in Malaysia. Our benchmarks are made for others to follow. Through our life’s journey of opening hotel after hotel, we have amassed a wealth of experience in planning, building, setting up, managing, and operating hotels in Malaysia both big and small. Help cheer us on!