Hotel Award, M Boutique Ipoh

In the light of your interest in nominating us for the Best Hotel In Perak 2015 (below 100 rooms), we were pleasantly in shock that we make the cut. The M Boutique Family would like to thank all of our Friends and Partners for this. In the first place, the award is present by Tourism Perak and our Family proudly collects the award ‘Best Hotel In Perak 2015’ given. Above all, we are beyond happy and excited!

Thanks For The Award!

Never ever we imagined that our small home is capable of winning such an award. Are you kidding me? A BIG THANK YOU once again to all our friends, fans, family, and partners who continue supporting us. How can we make headway without your non-stop support to us? Yes, we are feeling very shy currently, as when we kick off M Boutique, many said we would fail. Moreover, it is way out of our imagination and expectation. Are you serious M Boutique Hotel Ipoh getting the Best Hotel in Perak award? Feels like a dream to us. However, we are riding high until now with your attentiveness to us. However, we know that we have our shortcomings. But will try to live up to all your expectations, as we progress on our life’s journey.

To conclude, from the bottom of our heart, one more time we would like to thank you for all your support and consideration. Most importantly, your interest in finding it in your heart to like our unique, whimsical, quirky, young experience in our urban eclectic home!

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With Lots of Hugs and Kisses,