Cathay Mee Stall @ Jalan Yang Kalsom

Mee Goreng Mamak or in proper English, Fried Noodle Mamak Style originated from the Indian Muslim community in Malaysia. It is one of the most commonly loved hawker fare as it contains prawns, fish cakes, fried beancurd, tomatoes, eggs, and spices; a filling spice laden meal for anytime of day! Cathay’s version comes with the whole plethora of Mamak goodness; a healthy dose of bean sprouts, chopped scallions, fritters, dried beancurd, and potatoes all cooked to moistilicious (is there is such a word) perfection intertwined with yellow noodles and lots of egg – scrumptious!

Allongs, Warong Ipoh Lontong

It’s typically Malaysian, who with a hot cuppa teh tarik; is arguably the most blissful combination: a plate of nasi lemak makes this the ideal breakfast of champions. And so, we brought some of our family members for a breakfast gathering after a random morning briefing to Allongs Restaurant, a Malay cuisine restaurant where it is within 5 minutes driving distance from M Roof Hotel & Residences that specializes in serving Nasi Lemak. No doubt, there are several nasi lemak places in Ipoh, but this is arguably one of the best!

Facey Noodle House

Facey Noodle House is operated by Mr Tai Kok Wei’s Family since 2012 starting out with their signature Chilli Pan Mee. The accompanying ingredients for the original chilli version are fried silver fish (ikan bilis), minced pork, crispy fried shallots and a poached egg to perfection (close to an onsen tomago). To me, the best way to indulge in their version of Chilli Pan Mee is to break the runny yolk and mix the noodles and ingredients together while it is still hot, so that it gives the noodles and added creamy taste while the tongue is tantalised by the chilli flakes!. The dish is also served with a small bowl of soup and sayur manis to curb the spiciness. While there is traditional soup and dry pan mee, Mr Tai decided to be audacious and break the norms (like us at M Boutique) by creating some more trendy and updated pan mee, such as the Korean Kim Chee Pan Mee and CEO Pan Mee.

Pakeeza – Indian Cuisine

Authentic Indian food is all about the delicate combination of herbs and spices, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, coriander, and red chilli peppers are amongst the most commonly used spices in Indian cuisine and thus, considered the ‘Seven Key Spices’. When perfected, Indian food can be as addictive as drugs; with it’s strong flavours, delectably rich to a point where the dishes may taste as if they’ve been drenched with a generous amount of dopamine. The outcome of the spectrum ranges differently too, from volcanic eruptions to mild scalding of the tongue for the uninitiated.

Miker Food

Located in the heart of Ipoh town known as Padang Ipoh, Miker serves a mixture of fusion, local and western delights that caters to taste buds from all around the world since their inception in the year 2016. They are know for satisfying the cravings of locals and tourists alike. Plonked with wooden tables and simple relaxed chairs glaring into a large empty field, it creates a good atmosphere. Situated at the corner, there are ample indoor and outdoor seating. One of the must-try according to some of our family members was the Tom Yum Nyor (or Nior, the northern Malay old slang for Coconut)  that leaves the fussy eaters with loads of with choices – seafood, chicken or crab and served in a coconut shell!