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Continuing our food review adventure, the M Makan Kakis wants to satisfy our western cravings. It’s time to head on out to Cottage 75! Our initial excitement started to dampen a little, as the journey was accompanied with rain and gloomy skies all the way to Meru Raya. Good news is, it took about 10 minutes to reach the restaurant.

Cottage 75 Cafe cake display

Entering the cafe, I made a beeline to the dessert display next to the front door. My eyes fixated on the cakes on display (I can’t wait to order a slice of cake). It didn’t take long for the crew to welcome us, as I was ogling at the their displays, and promptly had us seated. Hey! I can see my name written on the small chalkboard placed on the table. So dainty!

25 Years in Culinary

Before we begin, let’s catch up with some background information about this little cafe. What intrigued me the most is that Chef Am (the co-founder) has around 25 years of experience in the world of culinary arts. He has spent years working abroad, then brings these experiences back to Malaysia with the opening of Cottage 75 Cafe at Meru Jaya, Ipoh all around the year 2015.

Interview session with Chef Am at Cottage 75 Cafe

Behind The Name of Cottage 75 Cafe

Let’s talk a little about their name, “cottage”. Normally associated with English Architecture, it means a small house. Firstly, Chef Am spent some years working in the United Kingdom, he took this name, in part, as a homage to the word “cottage”. Secondly “75” is the year Chef Am was born (where is the elephant in the room?). Sounds pretty nostalgic, isn’t it?

Even more, the place is pleasing the moment you step in, nestled in a homey atmosphere. What captured our interest is the birthday decorations that embellished the plain turquoise wall. Undoubtedly, this shows that they provide an event space for hosting birthday partys or gatherings.

Ok, enough about this cafe’s background, let’s jump back to the review. Our members are now staring at the menu, trying to figure out what to eat. I suppose the main reason for their pesky indecisiveness is because they are spoilt for choice. The menu is a reasonably exciting… with various menu items from European Fare (Italian and French), Local Western, Burgers, Asian cooks, and much more. While the others busy perusing the menu, I opted for salmon and cakes that were seared in my mind during the drive.

Lotus Biscoff Lovers You’re In For A Treat

Let’s cut to what we ordered this time! The Biscoff Lotus Cheesecake arrives first and is beautifully plated. I’m telling you, this is one of those good cakes. Indeed, the great flavor of this cake comes from the Lotus cookie bottom and topping. My girl and I polished off the plate in a millisecond! Indeed, I might come back for another Lotus Cheesecake next time.

Biscoff Lotus Cheesecake Cottage 75 Cafe
Biscoff Lotus Cheesecake

What A Great Starter!

After the cake disappears, the appetiser (Warm Smoked Duck Salad) arrives on the table. Our fastidious eater is slicing the duck and it is marvelous to see the tenderness of the braised duck. The duck is delicious enough on its own. Furthermore, it is excellent when you dip it into the sweet fruit compote sauce. The sauce is a recipe from Chef Am’s culmination of experiences from his stint in France! So far … SO GOOD! However, I couldn’t possibly rate a whole restaurant based on my first impressions based on these few dishes. There is still more food to come… Hence, let see what else they could do.

Emerald Seabass Fillet

It is time to try out their European cuisine, Emerald Seabass Fillet. Any seafood lover out there would enjoy this to the fullest. It combines seafood ingredients like Shellfish, Shrimp, Squid, and also Lala (Asian Shell Clams) in one elegant dish. The seabass fillet is surprisingly good, crisp outside and juicy inside. The smooth and silky veloute makes us clean up the plate, thus leaving an empty bowl.

Enormous Salmon at Cottage 75 Cafe

As luck would have it, my dinner choice was spot on, but by golly, you would be surprised by the size of the salmon. Wow! WOW! I am astonished till no words come out from my mouth. According to Chef Am, the salmon fillet is weighed at 250 grams! The portions are enough for big eaters! Not just that, it is also comes with tomato dill pasta, steamed fresh green beans, topped off with a crispy hash brown.

Unfortunately, the salmon is a bit overcooked for me. I prefer my salmon medium (opaque pinkish inside and white color on the outside). However, eating the salmon with the accompanying Lemon Butter Cream was the perfect pairing. Just a quick reminder, please be aware of the bones. Since it was a Salmon Steak (as opposed to Salmon Fillet). You don’t want it to be stuck in your throat when you’re eating, for your own good!

Mc Charty Lamb Chop

Here comes another generous portion of Mc Charty Lamb Chop that definitely worth a try. There are heaps of grilled lamb (I count seven slices in a plate!). Because of this, we ended up sharing the dish. The lamb marinated well with black pepper sauce, tender, and well-cooked. However, one of our members having ‘lamb coma’ (a sudden headache attack). How we wished our lamb lover were here to enjoy this delectable lamb chop.

Slurp It Up

Finally, it’s time for the local taste test. Cottage 75 Cafe’s Special Mee Rebus Tulang … it combines sweet and savory flavors in one bowl. It worth checking out, since it features a thick gravy made from freshwater prawns (udang geragau), beef bones, sweet potato with some local condiments. Most importantly, it is served with beef bones hence the tulang. Now, lets see our fastidious eater reaction. Oops! He’s busy sipping this delicious Mee Rebus…..*slrppp! No wonder it is a recommended menu.


Lets not forget, the presentation of the drinks certainly is pleasing to the eye. Start with Orange Watermelon (RM6.00), it is a sweet-tart fresh orange and blended watermelon juice. Following, Apple Punch combines apple, milk, and soda thus it tastes zesty and milky. Milo Cincau (RM5.50), is a Malaysian favourite malted chocolate drink paired with grass jelly (alike Soya Cincau as what I used to drink during Ramadhan). Last but not least, Sexy Citrus (RM8.00), refreshing citrus lemonade paired with soda, aromatic flavor of lemongrass, and mint with sweet lychees.

Orange Watermelon (RM6.00), Apple Punch (RM8.00), Milo Cincau (RM5.50), and Sexy Citrus (RM8.00)

Au revoir Cottage 75 Cafe

On the whole, the food is nicely presented and well prepared with utmost creativity at a reasonable price. The quartet of us has spent RM148.00 this time. As for the rating, I am pretty confident to give it a 8/10! Undoubtedly, Cottage 75 Cafe offers an exceptional dining experience combining the flavors of European-style cuisine with warm hospitality and generous portions. In addition, if you want a good, real food that value your money’s worth this could be a great place to go.

No.76, Jalan Meru Impian A1, Pusat Perniagaan Meru Impian, 30020 Ipoh, Perak
Contact No
+6011-2635 8305
Operation Hour
Closed – Monday
4:00 pm – 12:00 am (Tuesday to Sunday)

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review. If you need to know more about them, don’t forget to pay a visit to their Facebook page.

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