Ipoh’s Food Delivery Battle

Battle of Food Delivery Service Video

The Surge of Food Delivery Service In Ipoh

In light of COVID-19, did you notice that food delivery services in Ipoh has become a necessity for us? This has given rise to a ‘new norm’. Nowadays, people prefer food delivery instead of dining out in a restaurant. It is easy to spot these riders donning a pink or green shirt rushing in and out of the restaurants lugging their portable bags behind them. All geared up and ready to deliver their customer’s orders. I guess food delivery service has surged in popularity overtaking the bubble tea phenomenon? Let’s drop the bombshell, we are bringing you a new challenge; The Fastest Food Delivery Challenge. What it’s all about? Let’s continue to read, shall we?

Long Time No See

Frankly speaking, my hands are numb in writing this post as I’ve stayed home for quite a long time due to COVID-19. (Papa is shaking his head in disbelief). I am out of words. Before we start, let’s bring back the hype. What about some clichés? Since we’ve been away, don’t you miss us? Well we miss you much! I believe we are missing each other. Am I right? Please say yes, my job depends on it! Despite being tenacious, I need all the motivation so I can put pen to paper, write out about our next food journey in Ipoh. Or was it keyboard to screen?

Normally, we will hunt for food in a group, like a pack of hungry wolves. Furthermore, we need not worry about any SOP! Even though there are fewer regulatory restrictions on restaurants, we have yet to dine-in or tapau due to adherence of social distancing. That is why Papa didn’t allow us to eat outside. (Bad Papa! We want food!)

Too Mainstream To Resist

Since we cannot go out, what other alternatives do we have but to order from online food deliveries? Let us run through some local food delivery service around Ipoh for your picking. For this challenge, we opted for Foodpanda, GrabFood, and Runnermyrun. These are the fast booming businesses in Ipoh that caters to busy and tired people like us hahaha. Besides, you can simply download the application and you’re good to go. A ton more may have slipped out of the radar, but let’s just go with these 3 mainstream choices.

The Players

Three players of food delivery in ipoh challenge
From left, Lucifer (Ajay), Bruce Wayne (Iqbal) and Jane Foster (Fatiha)

Three players is taking part in this intense food delivery challenge. Lucifer is back, joining us with the other two members. Introduction time – the other players; the mysterious Bruce Wayne and Thor’s hot girlfriend, Jane Foster. How dope is that? Such a cool alter ego. Apparently, they don’t even resemble their alter ego … even the tiniest bit! Hahaha. Separated into three teams, Lucifer champions GrabFood, Jane Foster for Foodpanda, and Runnermyrun for Bruce Wayne.

Food Delivery Challenge?

For your information, four criteria were highlighted in this challenge which is price, speed, service, and quality. More importantly, they are ordering the same menu from the same restaurant, and at the same time (to even the playing field). As to price, we are comparing the food price, discounts, and any other extra charges like delivery fee and tax. Moreover, the most crucial part of this challenge is speed. This will identify which rider will arrive first and subsequently be crowned the winner of the challenge. As to service, we juxtapose the usage of the application. Lastly, quality is about food preparation by the restaurant.

Beef Nasi Goreng Drama

After some discussion, they decided to order Beef Fried Rice from Addon White Coffee. It’s about lunchtime, and they are ready to make their order. Nonetheless, Lucifer cannot proceed with the order as the restaurant is closed in GrabFood. How unfortunate! Bruce Wayne really wants to eat beef fried rice for his lunch. Feeling guilty, Lucifer kept on focusing on his phone searching for another restaurant. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Thankfully he manages to find one! He’s screaming, “Yay, I found one. Got Nasi Goreng Daging for you Iqbal!” That’s a relief!

This time they are going to order food from Ipoh’s newest Chinese Muslim restaurant, Pak Cik Wong. It is still peak hour for lunchtime, but they proceeded in ordering Beef Sliced Fried Rice. One, two, three! Let see who’s the lucky one to arrives first!

In Food Delivery ETA’s We Believe

According to Jane Foster, her Foodpanda ETA (estimated time of arrival) will be arriving in 18 minutes. On the other hand, Runnermyrun stated estimated time is more specific giving the readout of 2:06 PM. As for GrabFood, delivery is estimated to arrive between 2:10 to 2:25 PM. Well, these applications have different ETA information for their customers right? But will the food be delivered on time? Join us as we wait impatiently for our food ….

Lucky Panda!

Food delivery in ipoh challenge player feeling so excited

The apps will notify when delivery is about 5 minutes away. You can sense everyone’s apprehension as Lucifer kept wondering who was going to come in first. Could it be, did he use his hellish charms to rig this challenge? The long wait is finally over! This person is so confident that she/he will win the challenge. In the busy traffic of lunch hour in Ipoh, a glimpse of the rider can be seen from the window. *vroom-vroom! The rider has arrived at the drop off point, M Roof Hotel & Residences! The winner of the speedy food delivery challenge is non other than Foodpanda!

Food panda arrive at M roof hotel and residences Ipoh

RunnerMyRun DramaRama

As Jane Foster happily gets her food at the lobby, there is some complication that happened with Bruce Wayne’s order. All of sudden, his order was canceled (I was accompanying Fatiha at the moment and shocked when we were informed about this). He was totally dazed and quickly contact Runnermyrun’s customer service. To add to the confusion, a minute after Jane got her food, Runnermyrun’s rider appeared seemingly out of no where. Oh, snap! Drama, bloody drama.

Runnermyrun arrive at M roof hotel and residences Ipoh

To ensure the order is for Bruce, we asked the rider about the recipients of the order. Hell yeah, it is for Encik Iqbal a.k.a. Bruce Wayne! We’re so screwed! Not long ago, we were informed about the cancellation, but now the food is here?!!!

To make it clear, Iqbal got Runnermyrun’s response with regards to his cancellation. They said that they will still proceed with the order and prepare the food for him. Well, well no wonder the food still arrives. That concludes the drama!

It’s Too Late For You Grab Food

Grabfood arrive at M Roof hotel and residences Ipoh

Poor Lucifer – hungry as hell. While the other members already got their food, his rider is still not seen. After what seems like an eternity (4 minutes later lah), his rider arrived. Sorry GrabFood, but you have taken the last rank (3rd place). Better luck next time ok? Have you seen Lucifer smile? It’s best you don’t cause Hell will freeze over. He got his Nasi Goreng in his hand now.

Worth The Price?

The three ‘connoisseurs’ are now becoming an expert judge as set out by our criteria. First things first, they talked about price. The cheapest would be Foodpanda with a total of RM 16.97. Fatiha, gawked, stating that the original price is RM13.80 with an extra charge of RM3.17 for delivery fee. In addition, she said that the price is cheaper because Telur Goreng is not added to her order. Next, GrabFood’s total price is RM20.10, with a delivery charge of RM3.00. This set comes with one beverage and a fried egg. Pathetic Iqbal complains that Runnermyrun is the most expensive of them all. The price is RM20.80 with RM3.50 delivery fee and RM1.50 service charge. Woah, there is an extra charge of almost RM5.00!

Foodpanda Is The Fastest

Lets recap – we put in our orders around 1:40 PM and Foodpanda arrives first after 25 minutes. The winner of today’s challenge, Jane Foster is thrilled as the rider arrives at 2:09 PM. Even though the app estimates an arrival time of 18 minutes, her rider arrives first.

Secondly, Runnermyrun arrives right after, around 2:12. Although the food didn’t arrive at the app’s estimation of 2:06 PM (even with some drama, Bruce still got second place huh?).

Thirdly, there was no luck for GrabFood as his rider is the last to arrive. Lucifer claims that GrabFood is late because the rider has other delivers before his. Thats the power of Lucifer who sees all…. is it?

To conclude, in relation to time, the arrival of these riders are not very far off from each other. There is only a discrepancy of about 3 to 4 minutes between each food delivery service.

Which Food Delivery Application Is Better?

Lets talk about convenience and user-friendly applications, I guess we can give credit to Foodpanda and GrabFood. The duo’s agreed on the same thing towards their user experience using the application. There is also a good deal of choices in Foodpanda and GrabFood apps.

On the contrary, Bruce is not quite contented with Runnermyrun. Due to his discontentment, Bruce decided to rate this application 3.5. In his opinion, it is not user-friendly and inconvenient due to his bad experience with the cancellation.

Delectable Beef Slice Fried Rice

Our Food Review (wait, Papa said Food Delivery challenge. But I am so confused! Is this a Food Review? Or What?) It would be incomplete without a review of the food. The three musketeers agreed that the fried rice is delectable. Furthermore, everyone agrees that the portion of rice and beef was large. As such, we advise you to not add-on extra rice to this menu item. Everyone thinks that this dish totally worth the price. Despite that, the hapless devourer, Bruce concludes with a straight-face that though tasty the dish is nothing to be shout about. The overall rating for the foods would be 7/10. Pak Cik Wong Restaurant is a must place to go whenever you are craving for any Chinese Muslim food! Make sure to put this restaurant when on your list when you come to visit Ipoh.

The End Of The Food Delivery Challenge

To wrap up the challenge, let’s give Foodpanda, once again, a big hand as the fastest food delivery provider of the day! Not only winning the speed aspect but also nailed as the cheapest price, convenience, and user-friendly service. Bukan main puji kan? FYI, just a disclaimer that we are not being sponsored by any of these food delivery service yaaa! All of the reviews are based on our experience during the challenge.

Here is the overall rating that the players give towards the challenge and food. The champ of the day giving Foodpanda a rate of 8/10 and was really satisfied with their service. The second winner, giving Runnermyrun 6/10 rating for some stumbling block that occurs within the application. Last but not least, the loser of the challenge gave GrabFood a score of 8/10. Even though he was at bottom place, he still gave a good rating as he is a regular user of GrabFood (bias alert!).

Stay Safe Everyone

To wind up, the usage of food delivery in Ipoh is now considered an essential service during this pandemic. It is beneficial for those who prefer not to go out or who have concerns about the spread of viruses. You only have to make the order through any of the applications available and the food will arrive straight to your home. Plus, you can request for contactless delivery just to be on the safe side.

The main objective for us in doing this challenge is to incentivise the usage of food delivery service in Ipoh during this pandemic. By that, you would not need to regularly be in crowded places to get your favourite food. Stay safe everyone, we are still battling with COVID-19. #kitajagakita

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