Hadramot Tent

Behold! The M Makan Kaki’s continuously dares to take that bold step on our foodie adventures. Just think of the endless streams of food, plate after plate as we stuff ourselves silly in Ipoh. To begin with, imagine the exotic land of belly dancers, camels and shisha; we are on the way to the Middle East. We were craving for everything Arabian, so with this intention, we ended up at Hadramot Tent to get our Arab food cravings fixed. Certainly, it’s time for some Nasi Arab!

First things first, before starting the food review, I did what everyone else would do nowadays, which is digging information from Google before starting the food review. I bet it must be good because ratings gave it an overall average of 4.7 on their Facebook page. Oh wow! That is quite high! (I was wondering if it will be good as the ratings given hence expectations soar). What’s there not to love about Middle Eastern food? Imagine the explosion of heavenly blended spices, herbs, and fresh ingredients all in one mouthful…..Yum Yum! These delicious aromas surely gonna make you salivate. Without further ado, let’s get onto our camels and on to Hadramot Tent we go!

Marhaba Hadramot Tent!

After a few minutes across the busy traffic of Ipoh, we reached the restaurant as the last of the sun rays permeates the sky. Straightaway, we hurried into the restaurant as our members were already there. Altogether, Hadramot Tent has a pretty good Arabian feel. It has a modern Arabic interior with minimal white geometrical wallpapers and plain white walls. The whole restaurant area was well illuminated with down lights and pendants lights. In addition, the restaurant crew are all from Syria and Yemen…..well, that definitely brings Arab vibes akin to being in the Middle East.

Hadramot Tent interior

Before we jump straight to the review, here’s a brief background of Hadramot Tent. Believe it or not, they have already operated for 7 months, since 12th of June 2019. It is owned by Mr. Abdul Majeed, a Malaysian who gave full authority to Mr. Sheikh Muhammad, a Syrian’s citizen with 5 years experience working in Malaysia to manage the restaurant. Other than that, he also coined the restaurant name, Hadramot after a city in Yemen called Hadhramaut. Well, that explains a lot. At first, I thought this restaurant is the other branch of Hadramout Paradise Restaurant (located at Kinta Riverfront) since their name is similar. However, I was wrong after Mr. Sheikh claimed that there is only one Hadramot Tent in Ipoh.

It’s Arabic…We’re Kinda Confused!

Speaking about food, Hadramot Tent offers both Syrian and Yemeni dishes. Perusing the menu, I never heard most of it and hence got lost a bit. There are various choices of rice, grills, soups, salad, appetizers, seafood…..maybe I should stop here. But fret not, our Arab food lover is here to rescue! Apparently, he is totally an expert in Arab’s food, let him be in charge of the orders! We were served by Mr. Sheikh Muhammad, who waited patiently, dealing with our demands. He explained about the dishes that we are not familiar especially for certain menu with Arabic names. In the long run, we went on feast with Kabsa Chicken Quarter, Mandy Lamb Regular, Lamb Slices with Rice, Mixed Grill, Small Shawarma and Basbousa. As for drinks, we ordered Adani Tea, Arabic Tea, Avocado, Hadramot Tent Cocktail and Orange with Lemon.

Yalla Nakoul! (Let’s Eat!)

Dinner is served! Here it is…..our feast with abundance of rice and meat on the table awaiting the ravenous wolves. We shared our foods so that everyone can have a taste of all the dishes (sharing is caring, right?). In spite of that, when Mixed Grill arrived on the table, I was quite disappointed…..it’s like what we say “Indah khabar dari rupa”…..(will continue nit picking about this on the next paragraph, wait for it). As our stomachs were starting to growl…..grab your spoons and Yalla Nakoul guys!

Kabsa or Mandy? Both Also Can!

This is my first attempt trying Kabsa Chicken, so let’s give it a try. The aromatic rice leaves a palatable taste in your mouth by the mixture of Kabsa spices. For your information, as mentioned by the manager, Kabsa rice made by a blend of ground cardamom, white pepper, cinnamon, and others along with rice and chicken. However, the chicken is bland in taste, in contrast to the explanation that so many spices is used, would have imagined the chicken to be at the saltier end of the spectrum.

Mandy Rice For All

To sum up, Mr. Sheikh is jazzed up about how Malaysians love Mandy Rice (this supposed to be in your MUST-ORDER list!). Since I have tasted Mandy Rice before, I already have my own expectations with regards to taste! How lucky, their Mandy Rice met my expectations. It tastes SO GOOD. As for the lamb, I want to give them a thumbs up but maybe not for the portion size (two small cuts of lamb is just not enough man!). The meat is tender, in contrast to your typical fighting and wrestling the meat to break it apart. Having the lamb with rice…..haven! Our Arab’s food lover is totally on cloud nine enjoying his Mandy Rice.

Unfortunately, the grilled lamb slices was overcooked and dry. The char on the meat ruins the taste of impeccably seasoned lamb. Our pesky members cannot stop complaining…..they keep on highlighting this to me so that I will not forget to write about it (okay, done included this in the review!).

The 3 dishes above basically consists of Kabsa or Mandy rice combined with chicken or lamb, including soup and with a good amount of Yemeni chutney (Sahawiq) or what Malaysians call sambal. In my opinion, the soup is quite salty. Even our fussy eater also keep on nagging regarding the saltiness as well.

Sahawiq a.k.a Sambal

Forget about the salty soup, let’s talk about Sahawiq a.k.a sambal. As stated by Mr. Sheikh, it is the uncooked sambal made from blended fresh tomatoes, garlic and chili. You do not need to worry about any spicy attack as it is not spicy at all. Enjoy your chicken and lamb by dipping in this sambal, you gonna love it, for sure!

Hadramot Tent Mix Grill

Okay, the time has come! It’s the Mixed Grill that I want to continue nag about. To begin with, our finicky eater and I would like to share a plateful of Mixed Grill as the portion looks quite big for one person in the menu (pictures surely lie). But how disappointing, our mouth literally dropped open on the table as the portion has let us down. Even more so, another disappointment for us was their burnt onion and carrot…..The plate served with meats atop a pita, some Fries and White sauce. According to Mr. Sheikh Muhammad, Mixed Grill consist of delectable Lamb Cube, Chicken Kebab, Lamb Kebab and Shish Taouk (marinated chicken chunks). How thankful I am for the tasty juicy meats, opposed to the charred vegetables.

Besides that, there is also a triangle cut Arabic pita which you can wrap your meat. Even so, beware as it has thin layer of chili paste in it that’s surely gonna light up your taste buds! The chili paste is spicy enough to burn your mouth. Besides that, the white cream served along in the plate of what I thought a mayonnaise is actually garlic cream. When asked about the method of preparation, Mr. Sheikh replied with a big laugh that it is their top secret recipe and they called it Toum in Arabic.

What About Some Snacks?

Shawarma is a must-try when it comes to Arab foodies. By that, we give their Small Shawarma a try. Lo and behold, the Shawarma size isn’t small at all. Usually, people will be complaining about the fewer fillings, however, their Shawarma is full of chicken slices! Our carnivore lover said “It’s 100% chicken filling with no visibility of vegetable at all”. They wished that Hadramot will add more vegetable, then the Shawarma will be perfect!

Our dinner would be incomplete without a dessert. Considering this, Mr. Sheikh suggested us to try Basbousa. It is super moist with a prominent buttery and almond flavor. One spoonful of it gives a pleasantly sandy texture in your mouth. Please give this a try, M Makan Kaki’s recommend this!

Hadramot Tent Freshest Juices In Town!

Let’s talk about a drinks that quench the thirst. Hadramot Tent Cocktail is the mixture of 5 different fruits – Strawberry, Mango, Banana, Kiwi, and Avocado blended together with cream. It would give you a fresh fruit taste but to be frank, I can only taste banana more. Same goes to Avocado juice, where fresh Avocado and cream were blended then atop with whipped cream. It surely has a milky taste of avocado. Nevertheless, Orange with Lemon makes our finicky member show his sour face. He said it is too sour until he cannot handle it (sour lover out there might love this).

Tea Time

Jumping on, let’s talk about Arabic and Adani Tea. Hadramot’s Arabic tea is served in a small mug that comes along with a separate sugar container. Next, Adani Tea is made by the mixing of spices such as cinnamon, coriander, and ginger. Our carnivore lover loves his tea as it have a unique taste where he cannot find elsewhere in Ipoh.

Ma’a Salama Hadramot Tent! (Good Bye!)

We managed to finish all dishes without any leftovers, how thankful I am for this! Our papa would be proud us five! All things considered, it can be said that Hadramot’s food is tasty! To round off the meal, the total amount that we have spend on the gluttonous 5 on the table is RM167.00. Overall, we are totally satisfied with the foods and would give it 6/10. Perhaps, Hadramot can improve on certain dishes so that it will be taste nearly perfect.

3, Jalan Sri Ampang, Taman Ipoh Jaya, Kampung Gunung Rapat, 31350 Ipoh, Perak
Phone No
017-364 5092
Operation Hour
11:00 am – 11:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review. If you need to know more about them, don’t forget to pay a visit to their Facebook page.

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