Ipoh Hainan's signboard from below view

Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice

Here comes another food review because variety is the spice of life! This time we are craving for some Ipoh’s famous food, chicken rice. Ipoh is synonymous with “nga choy kai” or “ayam taugeh”, also commonly named as bean sprouts chicken. However, this dish is sold by the Chinese hawkers, which is not halal. By that, M Makan Kaki’s are going to one of the best chicken rice contenders called Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice. By hearing the name, surely most of you might familiar with it because they are quite famous. I guess we had enough western dishes at previous cafes. Now, we are back to be a typical Asian who cannot live without our precious rice. 

Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice front restaurant

Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice 107 @Anderson Road branch establish in 2009. A year later they open their second branch located at the Greentown. Unfortunately, this branch is now permanently closed. You know the business is good if it got a long line of people there. This happens for the most part during lunchtime. Even more, there is also a time where their customers queued until 2 blocks away from the restaurant. In an interview session with the staff, he mentioned that all of the recipes are from Mr. Wong Ah Kit (they call him uncle and also sifu). Even though the chef is Chinese, but don’t worry as all of the ingredients are halal. If you don’t believe me, you can see the halal logo at their front door.

Hey Ho, Let’s Go To Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice!

Currently, it’s 6 p.m. and we are on our way to the restaurant over the busy traffic of Ipoh. On Anderson Road, a short distance away from Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital roundabout, we can see Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice restaurant on the right side of the road. After a short time, we finally arrive after wander around the eatery area looking for parking. Afterward, we set foot in the restaurant and the crew escorts us to our table. It was in the air-conditioning area hence, so comfortable. But as soon as the other members are here, we need to change our table because unexpectedly 9 members are joining us. I only reserve a table for six, surely 9 of us cannot fit there (bye-bye air-conditioner, hello ceiling fan).

The atmosphere of the restaurant was up to the mark for dine-in. They came out with kopitiam concept interior, with round black stools and large square tile table. Plain wall, arty frames and yellow industrial lighting making the ambiance more savvy.

But here comes the chaos…order time! The members starting to dilly dally in deciding what they want to eat. In spite of the chaos, the hapless crew patiently waiting for our order. At length, we decide to try their signature chicken rice, six side dishes, two of their noodle delight, beverages and desserts.

Let’s Have A Drink

While waiting for the order, we chewed the fat about some new gossips. At a later time, here come our beverages on the table. There is a line up of Hot Lime, Iced Lemon Tea, Iced Sirap Selasih, Iced Lai Chee Kang, Iced Longan with White Fungus, Iced Green Tea 3 Layer, Iced Fresh Ambra Juice with Assam Boi, and Iced Black Coffee.

Ipoh Hainan's beverages (Hot lime, iced lemon tea, iced sirap selasih, iced longan with white fungus, iced lai chee kang, iced green tea 3 layer, iced fresh ambra with assam boi and iced black coffee)
From left : Hot Lime (RM3.50), Iced Lemon Tea (RM4.20), Iced Sirap Selasih (RM3.80), Iced Longan with White Fungus (RM5.50), Iced Lai Chee Kang (RM5.20), Iced Green Tea 3 Layer (RM5.00), Iced Fresh Ambra with Assam Boi (RM5.50) and Iced Black Coffee (RM3.90)

A few moments later, our foods make an appearance on our table. Instantly, sweet smells permeated the air and esurient stomach starting to growl. But as always, take a picture first lah! After finish with a few shots, I can see the members already look like they are starving to death. Poor them! Okay, grab your spoon and fork guys, it’s time to eat!

M Makan Kaki's eating the dish that have arrive on the table

Signature Menu @Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice

To start, let’s try Ipoh Hainan’s very special signature chicken rice, Roasted Hainan Chicken Rice and Steamed Hainan Chicken Rice. Assuredly, this is a must-try! To sum up, it comes with a generous portion of chicken, rice, and soup. Doesn’t it too obvious that it will be good since they specialized in chicken rice? I bet it lavish your one mouthful with a delectable taste.

Let’s begin with Roasted Hainan Chicken Rice that surely loved by our finicky eater. To be specific, he enjoys the well-cooked roasted chicken. Certainly, who likes their fried chicken uncooked with a still-pink piece of chook and blood juice running out it, right? Therefore, this is the best part that he wants to highlight for this dish.

“This is the killer dish!”, said the fussy eater as he is devouring his Steamed Hainan Chicken Rice. The steamed chicken is tender, juicy and goes well with a light soy sauce. The yellowish chicken rice is aromatic. The clear soup is nice with a flavorful chicken broth. Besides that, zesty red chili sauce that comes along with it also tastes good. The duet of rice and chicken with another duet of clear soup and red chili sauce turning into a more exciting quartet.

Enjoy Your Hainanese Fragrant Rice with some Side Dishes

Let’s go for the next exciting food tasting! Now, we are talking about having rice and side dishes for dinner (just like our common dinner at home but fancier). There are plenty of palatable side dishes on the Ipoh Hainan’s menu, eventually, we order one side dish per member. We order six Hainanese Fragrant Rice go along with another six side dishes; Sweet and Sour Sliced Fish, Honey Sauce Chicken, Siamese Chicken, Kai-Lan Oyster Sauce and Salted Fish, Kerabu Mango and Egg Foo Yong.

Fish and Chicken in a Sauce

Start with Ipoh Hainan’s Sweet and Sour Sliced Fish, it is a delectable sauce with a colorful plate load of macédoine red and green bell pepper, cucumbers and Holland onion. The fish slice has a crispy batter and juicy inside. It is surprisingly still crispy even though it has been immersed in the sweet and sour sauce. However, our beast tummy didn’t satisfied with the portion where there are only 6 fish slices in a plate (the slices are a big chunk, but it just not enough!).

Sweet and sour sliced fish
Sweet and Sour Sliced Fish

Next, let’s try some of their Honey Sauce Chicken. There is some criticism stating that the chicken is similar to Uncle Bob’s. Our faddy eater says, “It’s like you’re having Uncle Bob’s ayam gunting then pour some honey sauce in it”. This dish will tickle up your taste bud with a super-duper sweet honey taste. Although it is sweet, our pesky eater still enjoys his Honey Sauce Chicken. The combination of this dish with Hainanese rice and soup…he said it was ngam!

Moving on, we are now going to have some delicate Thai taste in one mouthful Ipoh Hainan’s Siamese Chicken. Similarly, the same chicken also used in this dish. Not only it is a slice of fried chicken that serves with a Siamese sauce, but it also atop with onions and julienne cucumbers.

Feeling So Incomplete Without You

Enough talking about those side dishes, it’s time for some greens. Personally, I want to try Ipoh Hainan’s Kai-Lan Oyster Sauce & Salted Fish because I was craving for some vegetable. Since there is no vegetable for side dish…it feels like an incomplete dinner for me. This dish is scrummy, which also attract our members who didn’t eat vegetables to give a try. Nonetheless, the salted fish doesn’t taste so strong which is kind of disappointing for me.

Although we already have Siamese Chicken, we want to get an extra Thai delight to hitting our taste bud. By that, we are trying Ipoh Hainan’s piquant Kerabu Mango. This dish roughly has a different utterance from our members. Some of them stating the Kerabu is sour and spicy. While on the other hand, the other member complaining another way. Not just that, the finicky eater also grips about the mango is not crunchy. It is maybe due to the mango that is too ripe. Anyhow, he prefers to have a Kerabu Mango with some crunchy bites).

One of us craving for telur dadar and we got no other choice than have to order Egg Foo Yong (since telur dadar is not available). There are only two selections of eggs in Ipoh Hainan’s menu btw… It is egg with thin slices of carrot, red peppers, onions and scallions. Furthermore, the egg is sweet and has a fluffy texture with crunchy outer.

Ipoh Hainan's Egg Foo Yong
Egg Foo Yong

Noodle Delights

On the other hand, members who are on diet and refuse to have heavy dinner, they are trying Watan Hor and Chinese Style Fried Beehoon. However, our choosy eater in shocked with the generous portion of her Watan Hor (it can fill up two ravenous tummies). She is hoping for yee mee, but what a shame…it is a kuey teow with a flood thick egg gravy and a serving of proteins and vegetables. Another disappointment, only two little shrimps are floating on her Watan Hor. In contrast, she ends up eating her dish like a bird and not even finish the entire bowl.

The same noodle drama also happens for Chinese Style Fried Beehoon. Not only with a massive portion but also was laden with chicken and vegetables. Just a friendly reminder, if you would like to order these noodle delight, make sure you’re extremely hungry. The texture of the beehoon is soft with a delectable taste. Our fastidious eater says the beehoon has a better taste than others out there.

Pita, anyone?

Ultimately, Ipoh Hainan’s Roti Pita is a halve bread lined with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and tuna fillings. However, according to our particular member, the tuna fillings are not homemade it’s like they are using canned tuna instead (might be Ayam Brand’s). As we are busy with the feast, we almost forget about pita. In spite of this, the pita already become cool. Luckily, the breads are not stale. To sum up, the price is quite expensive just for the two pitas that don’t have anything to shout about. Poor Pita…it just not worth a hill of beans.

Ipoh Hainan's Roti Pita
Roti Pita with Tuna Filling

Time For Some Desserts!

Our sweet tooth will never pass up dessert! In spite of this, we are having Fried Ice Cream, Cream Caramel, and Mango Pudding. Diabetic alert! Let’s start with Fried Ice Cream. It is an ice cream bread (the bread where we usually have with a scoop of ice cream at ice cream hawker) coated with egg, fills with vanilla ice cream then fried. It is served on a plate with a scribble of honey on top. This dish is recommended by our members.

Their cream caramel has a light taste and texture that will instantly melt in your mouth. The caramel sauce has a pleasant sweetness. For those who like their caramel with a more light taste, this is for you! But according to our pesky eater, it cannot challenge New Hollywood’s and Nasi Ganja’s caramel.

While the other member is enjoying their sweet dessert, mango pudding gives a different taste. To illustrate, it is a mouth-watering pudding with a less sweet taste! Also, it has an authentic mango taste which is more fruity and creamy. The presentation of it is also attractive with colorful sprinkles and vanilla ice cream atop the pudding.

See You Next Time Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice!

In the nutshell, we are totally satisfied with our review in Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice and the overall meal worth every penny. As a result, we have to spend RM207.80 on gluttonous 9. Ratings? To conclude, we would give it 7/10 as we are really satisfied with their scrumptious foods. Can I add one more point for their support to the No Straw campaign? Shout out to their concern for a better world! This is one of the things that my member request to be highlighted in the review. Hence, if you are planning to come here be ready with your metal straw as there is no straw provided.

Ipoh Hainan's front with notice board, halal logo, business hour and no straw signs
107, Jalan Raja Musa Aziz, Kampung Jawa, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Phone No 
05-254 5591
Operation Hour
Opens Daily from 11.00am – 10:00pm

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review. If you need to know more about them, don’t forget to pay a visit to their Facebook page.

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