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Introducing the new kid on the block, Jack & Grill Steak House. Our neighbor has finally opened its doors and is ready to serve. Being the foodie we are, we wasted no time and scrambled over to taste some of their signature dishes. Founded by Jack Neo, there is another branch located at Medan Ipoh, just behind Kinta City Mall. They serve western dishes with a twist, curated to local taste buds. We guarantee that you will be spoilt with choice. Jack has over 20 years of experience in the F&B industry and he has traveled all over to look for inspiration in his recipes. According to Jack, his first branch was open since 2016 before he decided on opening a second branch. Lucky for us, it is a few steps away from our home.

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When we reached at 7.00pm, the steak house was rather quiet but then people start to come and it was packed in no time. Directly facing our small home, we opted to dine indoors instead of the outdoor section.  The restaurant was decorated simple with a warm feeling, perfect for those family diners. Our family members decided to share the main dishes so we all get to taste each of it. We made the right choice as Jack & Grill was indeed very generous on the servings.

From the generic chicken chop to the tantalizing creamy salted egg pasta, Jack has it all. But we all agreed it was their Iberico Pork Ribs that stole the show. Iberico Pork Ribs are cut straight from the Iberico pork loin. These Spanish breed are smaller in size than the ribs of a standard white pig, however the flavors are far more superior, deeper and denser. Jack’s rendition of the ribs are marinated, then barbequed with their own sauce, penetrating into its meat. He recommended to eat it without the black pepper sauce given. The first bite was just pure heaven. As you sink in, the flavors overwhelm your taste buds. The perfect amount of juiciness and tenderness makes you crave for more. Accompanying the ribs were three sides; fries, a cup of macaroni and some greens to enhance the dish (the fries was really good) Priced at RM68.00, the portion was big and priced reasonably.

Jack & Grill Review M Boutique Ipoh

BBQ Spain Iberico Pork Loin Ribs

For appetizer, we tried their creamy wild mushroom soup. The soup was very fragrant with the aroma of the mushrooms. . It was not overly creamy and had bits of mushrooms in it.  Made with 3 types of mushrooms, they are sautéed then blended with cream to create a silky-smooth texture. The soup is best served with some garlic bread. Worth ordering if you like to have a little something before your main course.

One of us was too greedy and ordered 2 types of pasta. The creamy salted egg bacon spaghetti and the Wild Giant Prawn Spaghetti. The creamy salted egg bacon spaghetti was rich with savory sweet umami, each strand well coated well. Luckily, we shared it as it gets really “jelat” ( filling and overwhelmed) after a few mouthfuls. The pasta is cooked with mushrooms and bacon, topped with parmesan cheese and dried curry leaves.  It is not too salty and perfect as per my own preference. The Wild Giant Prawn Spaghetti however was much lighter. At first glance, the prawn was sliced into two with baked cheese on top. The sauce was a little runny but tasted similar to Bolognese.  One of our family members complained that the prawn was not very fresh but the taste was still pleasing overall.

M Boutique Ipoh reviews Jack & Grill

Wild Giant Prawn Spaghetti

Delectable Soups at Jack & Grill

Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup

Taste Explosiveness in every mouthful reviewed by M Boutique Ipoh

Creamy Salted Egg Bacon Spaghetti

Next, we ordered the Mix Combo C, consisting of chicken chop, lamb chop, BBQ pork sausages accompanied with some wedges, macaroni, corn on cob and greens. There a few choice of sauces to choose from but we decided on the brown garlic, something a little savory that boosts the meat well. Honestly, there was nothing to shout about this dish though the meat was tender. Perfect for those who wants to get a little of each in a plate.

To end the hearty meal, we satisfied our sweet tooth with a dessert. As the saying goes, there is always room for dessert. Our eyes were transfixed on the brownie when browsing the menu & listened to our tummies by ordering just one serving. The greed in us kicked in so we added another scoop of cookies and cream ice cream as the cherry on top! The brownie was served warm with vanilla ice cream, a combination that is known as brownie à la mode. They were a little chewy, fudge-y enough, yet not too heavy. Jack is a little playful with the dish and added 2 “Pocky” sticks into the ice cream. I personally love the combination of hot and cold in melting in my mouth. That sensation awakens the senses & makes you squirm with its sweetness.

To wrap it up, the entire meal was RM274 for 4 of us with 4 main dishes, an appetizer, a dessert and 3 drinks. For this review, we went all out and tried some of their most expensive dishes hence the hefty price but it was a delight to our palates. Do not fret as Jack has dishes which ranges from RM19.90 to Rm68.00 which caters to all age group and price ranges. As their opening promotion, now they are having set lunches for their main course meals with free drinks and mushroom soup with garlic bread. Ratings wise, we would give it an 8/10 overall as it satisfy big eaters and taste oh so good!

Western Food near M Boutique Ipoh

Mix Combo C

Sinful Desserts at Jack & Grill, M Boutique Ipoh

Brownie With Ice Cream


1, Hala Datuk 4, Jalan Datoh, 30650, Ipoh, Perak.

H/P No: +6014 604 6281 (Mr. Jack Neo)

              +605 241 0136

Opens daily from 12.00noon – 11.00pm 

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback provided by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review.


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