Little Allegra

The Little Allegra from Julie Song

The perfect brunch place does not seem possible when we think about Ipoh. Need no introduction, Ipoh’s food are the epitome of all local hawker food. Branching away from the usual, we went on and discovered Little Allegra, the brainchild of Ipoh’s chef and entrepreneur extraordinaire Julie Song. Julie is no stranger to the F&B scene in Ipoh. Her restaurant Indulgence was the first fine dining restaurant in Ipoh whilst snagging a few awards. Unfortunately, Julie is no longer part of the Indulgence team. Instead, she came up with Little Allegra Cafe, named after her granddaughter. ( How Cute!)

Tucked in Canning Garden, the housing area away from the bustling Old Town area. A part of her own house was made to a café. Frangipani trees paved the way to the entrance revealing a quirky and unique décor. With just 4 tables inside the charming café, a counter and an array of fresh bakes. We were spoilt with the selection of pastries. Besides that, Julie changes the pastries daily therefore one visit to Little Allegra is never enough. I personally went 4 times and still crave for more. Furthermore, there is a special savory menu only available at 11am-3pm.

Little Allegra exterior
Little Allegra Interior

Oh so savoury..

Julie’s creativity and passion for food is beyond any I have tried in Ipoh! She always gives a lot of thought on each item and experiments with different flavors. Let’s cut to what we really ordered this time! We started off with the savory part. Crab & apple julienne on potato cake on tomato reduction, mozzarella balls, then Soft-shell prawn with chili scramble along with truffle oil spinach as well as English muffin and the 3rd dish, Smoked duck balls, fusilier grande pasta, baby zucchini. All ingredients are written very detailedly and complete. What is written is really what is plated on the dishes.

Little Allegra Brunch is served…

The flavors of all 3 dishes were amazing. My favorites will be the smoke duck balls and potato cake. I have always fancy smoked duck and the combination was a dream with the pasta and zucchini. In fact, there is something about the aroma that intoxicated us. As for the potato cake, it was a play on textures. Crunchy and soft at the same time. The tomato reduction had a Bolognese accent to it making it very appetizing for our taste buds. As for the last, soft shell crab with chili was not far behind from the other two. All three dishes were a class of its own. Julie really knows her ingredients well and matched them perfectly.

Smoked Duck Balls with Fuscilli Pasta from Little Allegra
Smoked Duck Balls with Fuscilli Pasta

Sweet tooth..

As for the sweets, we had not one but 3 cakes to share among. Call us greedy! It was too hard to resist! A special Christmas Log Cake, pistachio cake and chocolate apricot tart. The favorite among all is the Christmas Log Cake. Eventhough made of cheese, the raspberry made it very light. It was a fluffy cake and wasn’t too sweet either. There was even a reindeer on top on the cake as a point. Pistachio Cake was very fragrant. The heaps amount of pistachio used in the cake was satisfying. Finally, the Chocolate apricot tart was a delight. At first glance, the chocolate looks very rich but once bite into it, it was light and creamy. The apricot balanced it well.

Chocolate Apricot Tart baked by Little Allegra
Chocolate Apricot Tart.
Christmas Log Cake baked by Little Allegra
Christmas Log Cake
Pistachio Cake baked by Little Allegra
Pistachio Cake

It’s time for the rating!

To sum up, we really adore the flavors Julie has to offer. Each dish are unique and always on point! Be sure to check out their Instagram @littleallegrabakery as Little Allegra changes their menu every day. As for the price, I think they are very worth it. It be may be pricey for some preferences. As a result, Julie made sure to use the best quality for her creations. Every visit amazes me what Julie came up with. She is truly the top-notch chef in Ipoh. I would give it a 9/10!! The seating is limited. It is the perfect place to chill with some friends and enjoy the food. Finally, do make a reservation prior arriving to avoid disappointment.

26a, Jalan Keliling, Taman Canning, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Phone No
010-941 5722
Operation Hour
Friday- Mon 8.30 am – 5.00 pm
Close on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review. If you need to know more about them, don’t forget to pay a visit to their Facebook page.

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