Miker Food at Ipoh Padang

Miker Food

Located in the heart of Ipoh town known as Padang Ipoh, Miker serves a mixture of fusion, local and western delights that cater to taste buds from all around the world since their inception in the year 2016. They are known for satisfying the cravings of locals and tourists alike. Plonked with wooden tables and simply relaxed chairs glaring into a large empty field, it creates a good atmosphere. Situated at the corner, there is ample indoor and outdoor seating. Let’s check out Miker Food!

Air Nyor too cliche? Let’s try Tom Yam Nyor

One of the must-try according to some of our family members was the Tom Yum Nyor (or Nior, the northern Malay old slang for Coconut)  that leaves the fussy eaters with loads of with choices – seafood, chicken or crab and served in a coconut shell!

As mentioned by Miker food Manager, Mr. Amzari, the coconut water itself is used in making this delectable tom yum, thus giving it the perfect spicy-sweet balance. Be warned! This signature dish from Miker; Tom Yam Nyor is only available at night, which was made known to our unsuspecting family members during our dinner on a random Friday (it’s great for a ladies night to paint the town red) after work. As us ladies swaggered our way to Miker, all eyes perked up and focused on our arrival in an already packed restaurant. (Ahem, ahem).

From Asian to Western

After glancing at the menus for about 15 minutes, we have ordered Tom Yam Nyor Set for 2 (a must to order!), Char Grilled Lamb  Shoulder, Mix Grilled Special, Char-Grilled Chicken Chop, Chicken Parmigiana, Nasi Goreng Kampung, and a bowl of Maggi Tom Yum. The handmade stone oven pizza from Chik Pizza is also something to die for! Specifically, it is crunchy, thin-crust with generous toppings and gooey cheese! For drinks, we have ordered Limau Ais, Barli Ice, Sirap Ice, Milo Air Tabur (Milo Dinosaur), Halia Ais, Carrot Ais, and a cup of Teh O Panas. Price-wise, it is between the range of RM6.00 – RM30.00 depending on what you order. While waiting for the food to serve, we took some amazing shots! (We personally love the Miker food interior!)

Tom Yum Nyor the Primadonna

While we are at the edge of fainting, all of the food finally came! The simmering Tom Yum Nyor Soup let out a delightful aroma of spices while the scent wafting through the nose leaving a tingling yet burning sensation. The taste of the soup is spicy yet full of the sweetness of the coconut water, makes a perfect balance of taste. One of the chefs in the restaurant recommends us to try Char-Grilled Lamb Shoulder. The sauce was tasty nor it is too salty or sweet. However, the texture of the meat was overly chewy, elastic, and hard to cut which makes it harder to eat (based on personal opinion).

One healthy meal at a time

Chicken Parmigiana was a good catch with 2 pieces of juicy chicken chop with a little bit of pasta in the middle. Just nice for those who want a light and healthy meal! Although Nasi Goreng Kampung is a common dish among the Malay cuisine which always happens to be spicy in taste but the version of Miker is rather spicier than the usual ones. For those who want a safer choice, you can consider their Chicken Chop as one can never go wrong for ordering this! The portion was fair and the chicken chop boasted a crispy exterior and still juicy center.

Time to pay the bills

The overall meal was rather satisfying with a total of RM150.00 for 10 persons. Plus with the drinks around RM15.00 per person is considered reasonable. Ratings? we would give it a 7/10 for the overly cooked lamb shoulder.

Jalan Padang, 30020 Ipoh, Perak
Phone No
016 551 4363 (Be sure to call for reservation before you go)
Operation Hour
Opens daily from 7.30 am – 12.00 am
Closed on Mondays

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review. If you need to know more about them, don’t forget to pay a visit to their Facebook page.

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