Platform 9 ½ Cafe

Good news for all Potterheads out there! Now you have a reason to jump for joy because Ipoh has finally opened its own Harry Potter themed cafe! It’s the new magical Platform 9 ½ Cafe, the ordinary other-worldly wizardly place that M Makan Kaki is bewitched to experience. Regardless if you are a wizard, witch or muggle, this brand new cafe will bring a touch of magic. I guess this cafe is not hidden from the muggles as their exquisite pictures and videos has hit the internet. Luckily, it is not that far from our hotel. Due to this, we grabbed the chance to stop by for a tour and taste test!

Get Your Broomsticks Ready!

Presently, it’s nearly noon, it is time to get our trio’s broomsticks ready to Platform 9 ½ ……….This name sounds familiar, right? Yes, it’s similar to Platform 9 ¾ in Harry Potter. The legendary platform where Harry and his friends dash through a brick wall in order to enter the train station to Hogwarts. You know about this right? So let’s continue flying…..but how unfortunate, as we are on our way there, our broomsticks had a malfunction. By that, we made a pit stop at Medan Selera Datuk Sagoh. Frankly speaking, it is actually because we are starving to death! Because of this, we partook in Ipoh’s famous chicken rice – Nasi Ayam Fauziah for lunch. Feeling guilty as a few members who are still at the hotel, we felt bad as we did not know if they had eaten or not……….(shhhhh! Let’s just keep it as our dirty little secret!).

A Lively Concubine Lane

After a bellyful of the palatable taste of local Nasi Ayam, we continue our broomsticks to Ipoh’s curious sights that is peculiarly, Concubine Lane. This is the place where the wonderment of Platform 9 ½ begins. We put aside our broomsticks the lane was already bustled with people. Walking across the swarm of people, we were dripping with sweat. In spite of this, our fussy member still eagerly yearns for Kuma Cheese Toast. Since the other members did not arrive yet, we make a quick detour to Kuma.

Sneaking unto the first floor of Kuma’s, looking for a seat and cold, refreshing air. As soon as we started chit-chatting, I receive a call from the particular slow pokes informing us that they have arrived at the Platform 9 ½. Oh, snap! We’re the first to arrive, but we’re busy doing something else now (surely they gonna be mad at us!).

Satisfied with the mouth-watering Kuma’s rainbow, we happily carried on walking. It’s easy to get distracted while walking at Concubine Lane. Just taking a few steps on the cobbled street, our stomachs were distracted by colorful cotton candy! Inevitably, we were taken in by the enchanting, almost magical preparation and had to stop to gawk in awe. Resisting the temptation to purchase this fluffy magical wand, aunt’s mantra was too powerful to resist …. and I ended up with one cotton flower-shaped cotton candy. Perhaps this is my destiny written in the stars. Yay! I am enjoying the sinfully sweet pastel coloured cotton candy melt in mouth.

Miraculous Platform 9 ½

Enough with the distractions, we jostled with the weekday crowds, once again. No trials nor hurdles will distract us from reaching Platform 9½ cafe! As far as my eyes can see there were swarms of people everywhere. Panic slowly creeping, I kept asking, “Is this the place?”. I took a look to my right, finding many visitors busy taking photos amidst wizardry props in costumes ….. is it? Could it be? Yes, I’m right! It’s the Platform 9 ½.

Pushing back the big black gates we were transported to the magical world of Platform 9 ½ … Adjusting to the lights, our eyes stalked the cafe’s surroundings. How fascinating, the building exterior is incredibly Diagon Alley-esque! It imitates Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley which is an emporium for wizards. With this in mind, it takes me back to the scene from Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone , where Hagrid’s chaperone Harry’s shop for his first Hogwarts supplies.

To Platform 9 ½ We Board…..

Anyway, let’s forge ahead to this magnificent cafe. There is an enormous amount of visitors in the cafe, some of them busy taking pictures, queuing for a drink, etc. The building retains some of the heritage features of the Ipoh buildings lined with a cobble-stoned interior.

It is a two-story building with an air-conditioned ground floor. Hence, it is a nice place to hang out after a long hot day. Especially aftermath a long walk through Concubine Lane you gonna be weary and thirsty. Their train-themed barista counter looks splendid with green rail wheels. Furthermore, there is a wizard prop inside the wooden wardrobe below the stairs. From here on, you can get a chance to dress up as a wizard from any of Hogwart’s houses. Are you a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin? Other than that, the shopping cart at the center of stairs probably will be your new favorite spot for Instagram feeds.

As much as we were feasting our eyes on the cafe surroundings, we didn’t realize that we had reached the counter. However only the quartet of us managed to make it here alive! Wonder were the rest disappear to? The barista leans over and whispers the following suggestion for us to try their signature ‘The Butterbrew Float’ in my ear, including a host of other drinks … and the remaining trio picked random drinks since the other members vanished into thin air. Later on, we discovered that they were actually disappeared looking for a seat.

Relaxed Ambience of Platform 9 ½

Next, walking up the stairs to the second floor, it features a massive chandelier on the ceiling that brightens up the surrounding. Besides, there is also a colossal clock on the wall. However, our members kicked up a fuss on the white plastic chair that ruins the cafe’s aesthetics. Fortunately, there is also a huge window and ceiling fan, it gives an open-air ambiance to the customers. Apart from this, other decorations will attract you. I love their square typography pillows with ‘Just an Ipoh Girl Livin In The Muggle World, Took The Hogwarts Train Going Anywhere‘ placed on the chairs and the wizard silhouettes on the wall.

Quench The Thirst

Rather than grumbling about the cafe surrounding, let’s jump into the reviews! To start off, here are the list of our orders – Butterbew Float, Iced Hazelnut Chocolate, Iced Butterscotch Chocolate, Iced Caramel Chocolate, Iced Chocolate, Iced Cappuccino, Coconut Coffee Frappe, and Cookie Cream Chip.

Iconic Butterbeer of Platform 9 ½

To begin with, Butterbeer is the iconic staple drink in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In the same way, Platform 9 ½ imitation of Butterbeer would be their signature Butterbrew Float. For me, it tastes like regular Rootbeer. To sum up, the sarsaparilla stored in the wooden barrels were used in preparing this drink. Besides that, I like the most is the crunchy caramel sacs that leaves a buttery taste in the mouth. Yum!

Chocolate-ty taste!

Our fussy drinker’s usual favorite is none other than Hazelnut Chocolate. Thankfully, there is a Hazelnut Chocolate on the menu. Howbeit, it seems like he didn’t enjoy his drink. He said the drink cannot beat the tastiness of his all-time favorite, Tealive’s Hazelnut Coco. Next, let’s talk about Ice Caramel Chocolate. On the contrary, a finicky member of us states that her chocolate drink simply tastes like an admix of water and instant cocoa powder. The same chocolate drink is also used in the Iced Butterscotch Chocolate. What makes difference is just an addition of butterscotch that gives an extra punch of sweetness. In spite of this, as for the Iced Chocolate, it taste just like a regular chocolate drink out there. There is nothing to shout about …… what a letdown.

Caffeine lover

Our caffeine lover member would never leave his Iced Cappuccino behind. For this reason, we made sure that he gets his shots of coffee. He said that this cappuccino cannot challenge the taste of Starbucks. Seems like he is a little bit upset as well … is the power of magical Platform 9 ½ wearing off?

Frappy Frappe

On the other hand, here comes the weakest wizard brew! The weirdest taste of all drinks would be their Coconut Coffee Frappe. Yucks! Even though, eight of us took a sip of it but none like it. Maybe there is something wrong with the combination of coconut and coffee. For this reason, you can just skip this drink. We agreed on giving this drink a big NO! Other than this, we also tried out their Cookie Cream Chip. It’s like an icy vanilla blended with flakes of chocolate chips and cookie pieces. Moreover, it is also layered on top of whipped cream with a sprinkle of koko crunch.

Bye Bye Platform 9 ½

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is not entirely out of reach now. There are lots of Instagram-worthy and props that you can have a photogenic spots. To conclude, the total amount that we have spent on the drinker seven on the table is RM83.50. Ratings? We would give it 5/10, as I loved its overall atmosphere. However with regards to the drinks, we would say that Platform 9 ½ should put more effort to obtain ore Grimoires….. as the surrounding magic almost dissipated after a sip or two…..

22, Lorong Panglima, Concubine Lane, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak
Phone No
05-311 1307
Operation Hour
9:00 am – 6:00 pm (Monday to Thursday)
9.00 am – 10.00 pm (Friday to Saturday)
9.00 am – 6.00 pm (Sunday)

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review. If you need to know more about them, don’t forget to pay a visit to their Facebook page.

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