M Makan Kakis are back in business! This time the faMilia questions where to next? I smiled slyly and answered, “Rahsia“. With frowning faces they responded, “Serious lah, jangan main-main. Why la nak rahsia rahsia?”. Take it easy guys, why so serious? To be sure, I’m not doing any pranks on them. There is a place called Rahsia. FOR REAL!

Rahsia? For Real?

For those who didn’t know about it…..let me pecahkan the rahsia. To clarify, it is a coffee shop for local coffee connoisseurs looking for a decent caffeine booster. Rahsia is nestled in the charming historical shophouses along Taman Canning on the first level of “Green Lavish Food Store”. However, we are unable to go there because Papa still doesn’t allow us to go out and play-play. Otherwise, for sure we can show every inch of their coffee shop.

Before we start, from the bottom of our heart, we’re sorry for being away so long leaving you with an outdated post. This pandemic is strenuous to overcome and kept us off track. After a elapse of almost five months, it’s time for our epic comeback. Oh, how I miss our food exploration…..

It’s A Secret To Share

To begin this expedition, here is something about Rahsia. Although opening its doors in 6 June 2021, they quickly became an aesthetic hot spot for a cup of coffee in a relaxing environment. For your information, the name “Rahsia” is derived from the idea of making a closed space where people feel comfortable sharing secrets. Undoubtedly, the drinking coffee culture is deeply rooted among Malaysians for generations. That is why it appeals to a wider base of young urban consumers. For this reason, it inspired Rahsia who is very passionate about coffee culture to serve a cuppa Joe to Ipoh community.

Coffee Delivered Right To You

Inasmuch as social distancing measures are still in place and dine in is outlawed in Rahsia, we are thinking why not enjoy a good cup of coffee within the comforts of our hoMe? Furthermore, many of the spots in town are available for delivery or takeaway. So, foodpanda to the rescue!

At first, we ordered some beverages including Roti Bakar Manis and Sandwich Tuna. Unfortunately, this was cancelled and subsequently, I reached out to Rahsia for further clarification. They immediately enlightened us on the situation explaining it was their mistake for not removing their food section in Foodpanda as it was not yet available. Therefore, I reordered (only beverages) sharply on 12:30 p.m and it was delivered right to our door exactly 25 minutes later.

Rahsia’s Secret Menu

Thereafter, we brought these beverages to Level 12 The Glass House for a quick photo session. In addition, this is a great spot to enjoy our drinks with our homey, laid-back ambiance. Indeed, the options definitely don’t disappoint as it includes coffee and non-coffee drinks. You may expect an exciting unique menu name as they said was inspired from nature elements that suit with the beverage characters. *Disclaimer: there was a slight price different from normal price since we’re buying from Foodpanda.


Without a doubt, I might not be a coffee aficionado, hence writing this make me learn some terms. In doing so, let me start with Legam. Basically, it is an ordinary cup of plain black coffee made with hot water and two shots espresso. Nonetheless, our member specifically requested it with only one shot of espresso. He finishes the drink in a New York minute…..how fast! A bigger cup might perhaps?

However, being fussy definitely drove him up the wall as the coffee tasted quite mild, loosing it’s intense deep coffee notes. Fancying a stronger taste, I guess he should just stick to Rahsia’s recommendation of two shots espresso in Legam. Everyone, please proceed to put all the blame on him….


In particular, those who enjoy a creamy and less bitter plain coffee, Putih is perfect for you. By all means, this simple drink is an iced latte that only needs a handful of espresso shot with milk. Tinkerbell complimented the slighter bitter taste imagining drinking a milk chocolate (she’s using chocolate to describe the sweet and milky taste of it). Obviously, the espresso flavor is there, but the acidic coffee bite is completely hidden, making it an incredibly approachable drink.

Jingga and Hazel

Continuing with Lattes, it also comes in many flavors which combine syrup or powder options out there. Simply added any flavor of choice and voilà…..a brilliant new coffee drink is ready to enjoy. This is what Rahsia’s has…..some options include Jingga, Hazel, Moka and Debu. Let’s take a little break, looking at the photos made me confused as to which is which…..Jingga or Hazel……their colour scheme look quite similar. Can you help us spot the difference?

Carrying on with the review, I was expecting Jingga to come with a caramel drizzle all over the cup, but apparently there is none. Obviously caramel latte is supposed to be served like that right? Jingga tastes buttery delicious, creates an ideal cup for those who love a lighter-roasted coffee. To summarize, for those who have a sweet tooth, Jingga is a must try.

Here comes Hazel Hazelnut Latte seasoned with a heavier dose of hazelnut syrup, emitting a strong hazelnut scent and flavor. This latte resembled sweetened hazel-ty flvours, a little sweeter than Jingga but just as likable!

Moka and Debu

Hence, it’s time for Moka and Debu to make their appearance. It is a flavoured powder combines with espresso shot that creates an extraordinary taste. Rahsia is using premium cocoa powder, milk and espresso for making their Moka. Generally it has a pleasant chocolaty taste with faint bitter aftertaste.

This one is a little different; Rahsia signature and bestseller is called Debu. You’re going to be obsessed with how dark and dreamy it is (dare I say, spooky?). Debu is made with activated charcoal powder, a shot of espresso, salt and paired with steamed milk. This powder is what gives it the deep black hue, it looks just like debu. Let me assure you Debu tastes way better than it looks. Even more, active charcoal is claimed as the perfect digestive cleanser. Is that why our member straightaway went to the toilet after finishing his Debu?

Kuntum and Héjau

Enough of coffee now! It’s time to cleanse our mood with non-coffee drinks. Have a sip of Kuntum surely with quench your thirst. This refreshing drink consists of fresh ingredients, fruits and soda. It combines soda with various ingredients such as lemon, longan, mint, dried sour plum (asam boi) and lemongrass. Altogether, kuntum is both delicious and revitalizing.

Last but not least, those who love matcha like me would always love the taste of it. In Rahsia, their Hejau (matcha latte) is prepared by using Shizuoka Matcha powder mixed with milk, served over ice. I love the smooth consistency, how creamy and it was sweetened just right!

Caffeine Overdose

All in all, we were having way too much coffee today that we might might be diagnosed with caffeine intoxication. These highly-concentrated coffee cups perked us up and will lasts for a reasonably long time. We spent a total of RM116.35 for these eight beverages and giving them a 6/10! In essence, Rahsia is now not a rahsia anymore……with their unique name and products, it’s a place that you can divulge some of our deepest, darkest most secrets…..just like their coffee! 

5A, Lorong Cecil Rae, Canning Garden, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Contact No
Operation Hour
Thursday to Tuesday
11:00 am – 6:00 pm

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review. If you need to know more about them, don’t forget to pay a visit to their Instagram page.

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