Restauran Moon de Moon

Restoran Moon de Moon

As Ipoh has always been famous for Crunchy Bean Sprouts and Chicken Kuay Teow Soup, we have been searching good reviews of restaurants around our hotel and found this local Restaurant near to M Roof Hotel & Residences that is also famous for Chicken Kuey Teow Soup (yes, another one that’s famous); Restoran Moon de Moon. In terms of location, we wouldn’t say it’s strategic as it is located at this corner shop on Hala Wah Keong in the vicinity of Kampung Simee. This restaurant has been quite famous with the Chinese community in Ipoh for the sweetness of its soup with semi-transparent hor fun. As an Ipoh-ian, honestly, this was the first time seeing such kind of hor fun in Ipoh as the usual ones are usually white in colour.

We went on a random day after our morning briefing at 10.00am as rumours said it’s gonna take about minimum 30-45 minutes to wait till the meal is served (depending on the crowd). A word of advice, do not come here with an empty stomach as you might risk chomping the table. Given this restaurant was one of those places where one has to keep their fingers crossed and pray that you won’t have to wait long to get a table, as Moon De Moon is always jammed packed with cars all around the area as it is one of the best Kai See Hor Fun in Ipoh. It is well known as the next alternative for Thean Chun Restaurant located in Ipoh Oldtown,  directly in front of the famous, “Concubine Lane”.


Featured Food in Restaurant Moon de Moon

Shredded Chicken Hor Fun

Chicken Kuey Teow Soup

Hock Chew Fishball, Fu Pei and Pork Meatball

Hock Chew Fishball, Fu Pei and Pork Meatball

Restaurant Moon de Moon

Closer Look on Chicken Kuey Teow Soup

5 Bowls of Kai Si Hor Fun

4 Regular Bowls of Chicken Kuey Teow Soup and 2 Big Bowls of Kuey Teow Soup

For a start, we ordered some Hock Chew Fish Ball, Fu Pei (Fried Bean Curd Skin) and Meatballs to eat while waiting for the Chicken Kuey Teow Soup to be served. Their Hock Chew Fish Balls weren’t the common run of the mill fish ball that came to our mind as it is filled in the center with minced meat. The tangy texture of their Hock Chew Fish Ball bursts inside our mouth on the first bit oozing with juicy sauce which has a very delightful taste. As for their meatballs are bouncy with hints of cuttlefish on the bite and guess what? These wonderful accompaniments were charged at RM1.00 each in which we figured it’s quite reasonable.

After a long wait of 45 minutes, our main fare – Chicken Kuey Teow Soup is finally served on our table; the aroma of the broth wafts through our nose, delectable for the hungry masses at the table. The kuey teow is velvety smooth (this is Ipoh of course!) and was swimming in a hearty shimmering broth redolent with flavours from the chicken bones and prawn garnished topped off with shredded chicken, prawns and fried shallots a mouthful to writ! Most of us finished almost 80% of the soup and we have come to understand why this place is highly recommended by many food hunters on social media sites. Priced at RM5.00 per bowl (regular) and for big eaters, simply just add RM0.50 for a bigger portion of the kuey teow for a better satisfaction. By the way, when in Ipoh, you cannot order Small or Big portion, you will had to say “Add Noodles” in Cantonese.

As for the drinks, we don’t really recommend their herbal tea as it’s a little tasteless, to begin with, we would recommend cham ice (cham is Coffee mixed with Tea) or milo ice instead as you won’t go wrong! This restaurant offered ample parking spaces around which is a paradox of sorts, but if you want a nice parking spot, be sure to be there before 10.00am as it will be full of cars by then. Ratings? It’s a definite 8 out of 10 as we were not too satisfied with their drinks (fussy bunch we are). No doubt, it is a good place to go for a hearty breakfast, as they always say, a great breakfast fuels you up for the day!


Restoran Moon De Moon

No. 148, Jalan Hala Wah Keong, Taman Mirindy, 31400 Ipoh, Perak. 

H/P No : +6012 516 0485 (Mr. Neoh)

Open from Wednesday-Sunday (7.00am-1.00pm)

(Closed on Monday & Tuesday)

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback provided by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review.

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