Restoran Tasik Raban - Cawangan Stadium

Restoran Tasik Raban, Ipoh – Cawangan Stadium

What are the good restaurants (or makan places) nearby? Any food recommendations around here? This is one of the common questions our friends will ask upon checking into M Roof Hotel & Residences. As recommended by some of our family members who stays around our Ipoh Garden, we were brought to a Malay Restaurant by the name of Restoran Tasik Raban which is just next to a Fire Station in the vicinity of M Roof. It suddenly sparked my mind whereby every time passing by this restaurant, there are quite a number of cars parked at the roadside during lunch time and therefore a few of our family members decide to try it out on a random Thursday. As it is said to be quite packed during lunch hour, we went earlier and reached there by 1230pm.

Restoran Tasik Raban is famous for its traditional kampong (or kampung, whichever you prefer…) cuisine, genuine Malay food which resembles home cooked food. As I did some digging before going to this restaurant, the popularity of this restaurant begins ten years ago by Puan Jamaliah and her late husband started their first branch in Lenggong by Tasek Raban with the modus of self-service as all of the dishes were displayed openly on the long table where anyone can just queue up, grab a plate and start to choose their favourite dish.

Restoran Tasik Raban - Cawangan Stadium

Banner of Restoran Tasik Raban

Ayam Lemak Chili Padi | Sambal Taufu Goreng | Ikan Bakar Sambal | Various of Dishes

Ikan Keli Goreng | Sup Tom Yum | Sayur Petola | Ikan Gulai Tempoyak |

There were grilled fish, fried fish, fried salted fish, fried chicken, curry chicken, various types of cooked vegetables as well as raw vegetable, beef cooked in different styles, clams, siput sedut and much more. As there are 4 of us this time around, each of us picked 2 dishes of the plethora served from the huge long table. We picked Ikan Bakar with Sambal, Ayam Masak Lemak Chili Padi, Taufu Goreng with Sambal, Gulai Tempoyak, Sayur Petola, Ikan Keli Goreng, and Tom Yum Sup. We began the meal with the Ikan Bakar with Sambal, it tasted a little salty but with the spicy backups at the end of the taste makes it feels very flavourful. Ayam Masak Lemak Chili Padi is one of the best food on the table, as the sauce is creamily santan and abit spicy from the chili padi, it taste very good with white rice with the bonus of the tender chicken meat which made it perfect. Although Taufu Goreng is a very common dish, we did feel a bit of dryness but the sambal was good. When it came to Gulai Tempoyak, one will be expecting the taste of the sauce which again, constituted of coconut milk which may cause the dish to be a little salty. What really surprised me is their Tom Yum Soup, though rather unappealing, tasted pretty good in the end.

Overall, the meals was rather satisfying as the price is considered reasonable as we spent about RM62.00 including drinks which also including packing for our papa for his lunch meals. Our rating? 6/10 maybe…however this is based on our personal opinion as food is of one’s preference.



Restoran Tasik Raban – Cawangan Stadium

Jalan Sukan Kompleks (Opposite Medan Selera Stadium)

H/P No : +6019 521 5657 / +6017 534 4971

Opens daily for lunch only (from 11.00am-4.30pm)

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback provided by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review.