Semangkuk by Wayahaya

Put on your dancing shoes to enjoy this noodle-licious party at this spankingly new outlet which is hitting the Ipoh culinary-scape ━ Semangkuk by WaYahaya. It’s heartening to know that the halal Chinese-styled Kopitiam scene is now growing in Ipoh. Owned by the affable Ms. Azura, or better known as Wa, she aspires to bring her delectable family recipes, inherited from her Chinese Muslim grandmother.

Ms. Azura has always been fascinated with cooking from a young age, as she grew up watching her grandma cook. Her passion for cooking blossomed into a small business starting with COD noodles and later expanding to a noodle stall inside Cucu Wan Cafe. Eventually, after years of continuous operation, she made the bold move by opening Semangkuk.

You must be wondering, where is Semangkuk? To point out, it’s easy to find, as they are neighbouring Restoran Simpang 3. And what about the ambiance? The colourful bowls and plate that line the walls and pillars are pretty cool (Papa said it looks just like Chinese Kopitiam, except varied in colour due to the use of different bowls and plates). Furthermore, it was electrifying to know they have around 12 types of noodle dishes on the menu (just name it!). Surely, we will order almost every variety on the list to fulfill our ravenous appetite!

Kopitiam Staples

Phew! I am getting hungry while explaining about Semangkuk, better get all the fun ready. In an instant, I can see their crew making their way to our table with a plate of toast. To begin the review, we rocked on the dance floor with a light lunch, featuring Roti Kukus Kaya and Roti Bakar. Indeed, the sheer combination of the thick slab of butter with creamy kaya is impossible to dislike! Moreover, nothing beats the comforting taste of Roti Bakar Telur Goyang. *let’s goyang your head!

It’s All About Mee

Let’s get this Noodle-licious Party started with Mee Kari. Our Tinkerbell is busy sipping away the broth. All this time, she was mesmerised while rhapsodise-ing “Sedapnya!“, relishing every mouthful. Oh my, she is beaming which is a reflection of her truly enjoying every bite full … fragrant spices with a touch of coconut milk creaminess. Coming up, their Mee Rebus Tulang just screams happiness in a bowl with it’s thick and slightly sweet gravy. Next on the list, Mee Udang … which makes us want to shout in unison, ‘Holy mackerel!’ (though there is no fish used in this dish). The exquisite images of plump prawns sitting on a bed of noodles surprisingly, make this a delicious bowl! 

Great Coconutty Taste

We start to mosh with the best show in Semangkuk ━ Laksam. An interplay of pillowy rice rolls interspersed with rich fish-based coconut milk gravy, fresh local ulam, and fiery sambal that gives it that utter ‘umami’ deliciousness. Laksam is now my top 1 choice, to be sure! Not just that, Laksa Sarawak also steals the show. To clarify, it offers complex flavours of spice paste…..I really enjoy slurping gallons of this luscious, thick, coconut-ty broth.

Oh No! The Party Is About To End

As the show goes on, we put our hands to a plate of Wantan Mee. All hands up in the air! Thin and springy noodle tossed in a delectable dark sauce, finished off with pickled chilies, choy sum … a simple yet gracious dish. Oh, it is also accompanied with a bowl of dumplings in soup too. Last but not least, how can we forget the synonymous Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun …. one which we feel deserves a standing ovation. Our member finished this Hor Fun in record time!

Mango Float (RM8.50), Avocado Float (RM9.50), Sirap Iced (RM2.50), Orange (RM4.50),
Teh Cinnamon Iced (RM3.50), Teh Honey Lemon Iced (RM3.50)

What’s a party without drinks? Hic Hic! We selected this starting lineup of colorful drinks to quench the after-fun thirst! We recommend cooling yourself down with their delicately Teh Cinnamon Iced. The dominant flavour of cinnamon with tea combination makes it extraordinarily flavourful. I’ve never tasted another tea quite like it.

Let’s Meet Again, Semangkuk

Ultimately, time flies when you are having fun. We made merry throughout the party and the overall bill came down to RM116.55. Unfortunately, I would give them a score of 9/10! (Papa would probably hentam me again, but sorry Papa I really love their noodles). Without a doubt, a bowl of any Semangkuk noodle is worth a try. Definitely, rasa semangkuk tak cukup!

D-G, Jalan Dato Seri Ahmad Said, Kampung Kastam Greentown, 30450 Ipoh, Perak
Contact No

Operation Hour
Monday to Sunday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review. If you need to know more about them, don’t forget to pay a visit to their Facebook page.

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