Sun Seng Fatt – Curry Noodles

During this Spring, or what we like to call sometime in April, we noticed that Sun Seng Fatt has opened just a few shops away from M Boutique Ipoh. Yes, they moved from their original location at 32 Market Street as their owner told us, “Too little parking! Too many people!”. We are just glad that there are more eateries right here on Hala Datuk 5! As we’re feeling hungry from our usual staff meal, the M Boutique Family is going to review Sun Seng Fatt base on our individual taste buds. By the way, Sun Seng Fatt in Ipoh is known by the locals as one of the best “smooth” curry noodles in Ipoh.


History of Sun Seng Fatt

Sun Seng Fatt was one of the oldest front-runners in the best-curry-noodle category since 1980’s. Their curry paste was quite renowned back then and even got exported to Hong Kong some time ago. A colleague of mine ordered curry noodle and I did taste a sip of it. They have 2 versions; the ‘wet’ and the ‘dry’ type. Given that I’m not a big fan of curry noodles, it surprises me when their curry gravy got me to take a few more sips after the first taste of the curry broth. The spicy broth was rich, fragrant and rich in flavours. Their curry noodles comes with slices of char siew, bean sprout, and mint leaves.

Papa The Connoisseur

Our Papa (who hails from Penang) could only say that the curry mee was silky smooth, silky smooth and silky smooth. He said that it may lack the kick that other curry noodles gave. Papa unfortunately is highly critical of Ipoh cuisine and has a very temperamental tastebud …..

Although curry noodle was one of their must-order-item on the menu, I ordered something else for myself and being typical Ipoh-nese, Flat Noodles in Chicken Broth or better known as “Kai Si Hor Fun” in Cantonese. Knowing that Kai Si Hor Fun is very famous in Ipoh and there have been tons of different versions of different restaurants but somehow they taste different in terms of their chicken broth.

I’m A Fan of Kai Si Hor Fun!

For the record, I have been a big fan of Kai Si Hor Fun and I have tasted a few famous “Kai Si Hor Fun” restaurant in Ipoh. Since hor fun is pretty much all the same, so the breaking point will be the taste of the chicken broth. The first thing I did was tasting a sip of soup and it was considered not bad, the chicken broth’s flavour is just heavy enough, not too thick nor it is too diluted to the point of tastelessness; despite looking paler than compared to Thean Chun’s version, the chicken broth was surprisingly quite tasty; savoury with subtle hints of prawn essence. The flat noodles, like any other stalls in Ipoh, were silky smooth with a nice chew to it.

Prawn Noodle

Their prawn noodle was just so-so to me as I have tasted some other restaurant in Ipoh who serves better taste or rather suits my taste on their prawn broth. Of course our Papa calls it Hokkien Mee and refuses to touch this ….. *sigh*

More And More…

Other M Boutique Family members decided to try the Lam Mee; a combination of yellow noodles mixed with rice vermicelli with char siew and some prawns, bean sprout in a non-spicy soup. Our Reservations member ordered this, claiming that the original version of lam mee doesn’t taste like this but she loves this version by Sun Seng Fatt. Of course, we also ordered some snacks such as Pork Balls and Dumplings (Sui Kow) in Chicken Broth. As to the Pork Balls, well, it just tastes like pork balls, but their Sui Kow Dumplings is quite fulfilling though not pack with many veggies, it has a succulent bite cause it is stuff with a generous dollop of meat. Wait a minute. Isn’t Sui Kow supposed to be prawn dumplings??? Now, where are the prawns??? Hurm…

Apparently Sun Seng Fatt is also famous for their “Wat” or “What” (Smooth) Chicken, but since the majority of the M Boutique Family are Ipoh-nese, we decide to give it a miss, cause we want to concentrate on their main staple: Noodles. For your information, you can choose your choice of noodles when ordering here.

Sun Seng Fatt, 18 Hala Datuk 5
31650 Ipoh Malaysia.
+60 16-561 5176

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review. If you need to know more about them, don’t forget to pay a visit to their Facebook page.

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