Ramadhan Bazaar at Ipoh Stadium

The Holy month of Ramadhan is a significant and important time for Muslims all over. Without a doubt, there are some who will ask about the significance of this holy month. Generally, Ramadhan is known to Muslims as one of the most important season where they perform their devotion to garner good merits and for rest of us, a ‘food festival’ of sorts. In conjunction with Ramadhan, the M Kaki Makan collectively decided to venture to the Ipoh Stadium’s Bazaar Ramadhan, as our food review.

The Museum

In the heart of Greentown Business Center lies a small red shop that resembles an Irish bar. However it is not what it seems. The Museum indeed was a bar back in 2013 but it has changed to serving Chinese Cuisines since 2018. It is considered a newcomer and not very well-known yet. When I first suggested this restaurant, our family members were clueless. Little did they know, this place serves one of the best char siew ever in Ipoh! (not an exaggeration I swear) Living up to its name, the restaurant has a cozy ambience with historical elements. It is the perfect place to unwind, enjoy quality Chinese food with a glass of wine or two with some friends and family.

Thumbs Cafe

Wish I could snap my finger and make half of the hipster cafés in Ipoh turn into dust so that we don’t have to argue where is the next place to have a food review! Hahaha. Too bad this is not the “END GAME”. Most likely our M Makan Kaki(s) food hunting will never meet the end. Wondering where can you dine-in Western and Local cuisine under one roof? Check out this place named Thumbs Café!Vintage and contemporary! The first thing that came up to my mind once we step into the premise. The combination of bar top at the corner complete with high stools and the couches with colorful cushions totally brings us back to the former times.Back then before the Thumbs Café was built, the heritage building was an orphanage dormitory operating under Badan Khidmat Islam Perak (BAKIP). It’s amusing to see how much the place has changed over the years and now becoming one of the famous vintage cafés in Ipoh. It took five minutes for us to choose the right table because each one of them is unique. (Actually, they are looking for a table with perfect lighting, biasalah perempuan selfie tak habis-habis). This place could make an Instagrammers dream come true!

Greentown Dim Sum Cafe

Craving Dim Sum for dinner instead of breakfast? But where can you go? To all Kaki Makan out there especially Muslim foodies’ friends dying to try some Chinese dim sum, check out this place named Greentown Dim Sum Café. We all know most dim sum shops only serve their offerings in the morning, however this time we manage to make a reservation for dinner (even Papa already warn us most of the food will be finish as we arrive). I noticed the café every time I went to the PTPTN (you know why, ha ha ha), I could see crowds enjoying their food there and to be honest after 9 years of its operation, this is the first time I’ve been here (Better late than never!). What surprised us is this café has all races as their customer. That’s why M Makan Kaki(s) decided to have a try on it! Ipoh can be considered as Dim Sum paradise, but not everyone has the opportunity to try it (especially for Muslim). Rest assured! Dim Sum Café is the only outlet in town that holding JAKIM certificate, so it’s absolutely HALAL.