Restaurant Sun Fei Kee

We’re sure you’ve been bogged down by thousands of sharing on social media about varieties of “hidden food gems” in Ipoh. There’s always a new cafe around the corner or what we like to call a “newly discovered” traditional foods or even newer fusion type cuisine. We wouldn’t say it’s recent but let’s talk about some ‘new foodie cafes’ that has been available since April 2016 in Ipoh Town. We’re quite sure that any Ipoh-lang would have heard of  “Fai Kee” (at the time of writing there are 3 Fai Kee in Ipoh), but let’s not talk about them this time round. Instead let’s go try their sub branch, it’s called the “Restaurant Sun Fei Kee” which is rumoured to be owned by the son of the original Fai Kee.