M Boutique Family of Hotels & Residences

Tally Ho! It’s Tallypress!

While surfing the net for Pre Wedding Photography venues due to our recent posting on our younger brother M Roof Hotel & Residences, we accidentally stumbled upon Tallypress.com. For those who are not in the know, Tallypress is an online media that uses apps for your smartphone where you can poll what you like. They normally follow trends and they would ask their users to vote for fun places, happenings and Top 10’s in Malaysia and Singapore! To our surprise, M Boutique Ipoh and M Boutique Station 18 made it to their Top 10 list for Boutique Hotels in Ipoh! Tally Ho! Thanks to everyone who voted and polled for us on Tallypress! Congratulations to all the other Boutique Hotels that also made the list! Applause for all! If you would like to view the whole article, please click here!