M Boutique Hotels

Grab & M Boutique

The M Boutique Family has always tried to be at the forefront of bringing new things into Ipoh, and sometime in May 2017, we were the first hotel to work with UBER, a collaboration which we were proud to call our own. Since then, other hotels have followed suit and we were in talks with GRAB to bring something new to Ipoh or at least offer some value to our friends who are visiting Ipoh. This meeting with GRAB began in late 2017 with little knowledge of what the future would hold for the both of us. After many weeks of haggling, we are pleased to announce the M Boutique Family of Hotels & Residences (namely M Boutique Ipoh, M Boutique Station 18 and M Roof Hotel & Residences) have agreed to partner up to provide ride hailing services in all 3 of our properties; which as an Ipoh based hotel, is the first partnership of it’s kind for us with GRAB. We would also like to congratulate GRAB in merging with UBER for South East Asia (something which we never thought would have happened, but you can read about it here) and this was the most interesting news we have heard so far.

Our Partnership with GRAB shows our commitment to remain in the forefront of the Hospitality Sector (Though it maybe only limited to Ipoh for now) and we now have a tablet in the aforementioned 3 properties for you to book GRAB at our reception counters. Furthermore, for a limited time you can enjoy RM5.00 worth of rides from the following Hotel Properties (you must be in these properties due to geo locking) with the following promo codes;

M Boutique Ipoh – MBIPOH

M Boutique Station 18 – MBS18

M Roof Hotel & Residences – MROOF

Please note that these promo codes are active from April 1 and is only valid for 2 rides per login. Oh, our contact at GRAB says that it’s NOT CASE SENSITIVE. So thank you all for your support over the years, including bearing with our whining and whimpering, but we will consistently try to bring you something new to the hotel industry.