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What’s Good People!

It’s been a while since we posted anything on our own website! So now we are back with a vengeance! We’ve been really quiet as all our Family Members were all hands on deck, opening our latest younger brother M Roof Hotel & Residences and since the dust has settled a little, we have been brewing new ideas that in line with our fundamental philosophy of promoting Ipoh in the Silver State, Perak, Malaysia. And now we have Uber for you.

Let’s Talk About Uber Briefly

Over the months, though not new in Malaysia, we noted the rise of ride sharing applications from Grab Car to Uber and after a quick install of both applications we were not too impressed with the number of available cars in Ipoh. Sending our Family members down to both Kuala Lumpur and up to Penang, we noted a very high difference in the number of drivers there. Being the itchy people in Ipoh, we decided to contact both companies to see if we could collaborate with them.

Grab Car did offer us a good deal, but they lacked in drivers though our monitoring their app. Uber’s deal wasn’t that good, but they had more drivers in our areas. Like they say, “You can’t have everything in Life”, and after much deliberation, we the M Boutique Family of Hotels & Residences is pleased to announce we are now partnering UBER and offering 2 Free Rides worth RM10.00 Nett each via UBER! Well, there’s a catch though, you have to be a new user and to install the uber app. In fact we are the first Hotel to be bold and bring this collaboration with UBER to all our friends.

Why do we need such a service

Some of our Family members asked why do we need such a service when many of our friends bring their own cars to Ipoh? Well, we cannot assume everyone has a vehicle to drive. Like we mentioned, part of our responsibility is to promote Ipoh. Be it a local company or to spur the local Ipoh community. I guess you would call this part of our CSR if we were a bigger organisation.

To sweeten the deal, we are also offering 8 Stays in our properties for both the driver and the rider who uses the UBER app, and at the time of writing this post, we are still awaiting the go ahead from UBER Malaysia. Well, Good things comes to those who wait! Enjoy!

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