Asia Pacific Tourism & Travel Federation

Hospitality Concept 2019

The M Boutique Family of Hotels & Residences would like to congratulate our 2nd sibling for winning the Outstanding Hospitality Concept 2019 as awarded by the Asia Pacific Tourism and Travel Federation. Collectively, we have always been trying out new concepts in the hospitality sector; at times a little quirky but we are glad that we have received some recognition on our efforts in bringing new ideas to the industry. Many of our hoMes in the Silver State were originally meant to help stir the sleeping city of Ipoh, and our ideas were pretty radical 5 years ago. We will continue to push the boundaries of traditional hotel practices as we walk down the unbeaten path, maintaining our rebellious nature since our inception in the year 2013.

We cannot forget you, our Friends, who have continued to support us though we had made loads of mistakes from one hotel to another; which we are very thankful for. We know that with you, we will never have gotten this far; and we promise that we will continually listen to all your comments, the good and the bad – as we continue on our life’s journey. Thank you all once again.