An Article for anyone who wants to join the Hotel Industry

The M Boutique Family’s philosophy has always been about constant reminders on why we ourselves, opted to be in the Hospitality Industry. Many persons we have met and interviewed over the course of our operation. They all have delusions of grandeur about the Hotel sector. Typically people assuming that many hotels in Ipoh and around the world may project the glamorous side of this industry. Typically from the 3 piece suits and neckties to the manner of which we address our guests.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

In general, much of what we do is scripted, but if you strip it all down, any hotel just offers a bed and bathroom. More often than not, breakfast to fill your tummy in the morning. There are strict regulations by the countries National Tourism Boards to obtain the star rating for Hotels. It normally depends on the number of rooms and facilities by each individual hotel. At times the M Boutique Family wonders when someone says 5 Star Service, 4 Star Service, etc. In our opinion, service is service, without distinction of the star rating. With that, we came across an interesting article (from our Hotel Circles). We thought that we should share with all our friends who is thinking of a career in the Hotel Industry.

An Open Letter To Anyone Wanting To Enter The Hospitality Industry

Article By Steve DiGio

Over the years I have been asked by quite a few people about how to “break into” the hospitality industry.  “It seems so glamorous, all these celebrities and the great parties; I want to do that.”  They have no idea…

Here are a recent example and the response I gave to someone with many years of customer service experience but in another industry.  Hope this can be ply for anyone wanting to enter the hospitality industry.

“Thank you very much for reaching out to me with your desire to enter the fabulous world of hospitality and what it takes to get started. I appreciate the trust you have placed in me in the hopes I may have an answer for you.  Well of course I can help and will be happy to do so.

If I understand you correctly, you wish to be more involved in the hospitality/travel industry and wish to find ways to use your existing customer service skills as the avenue of entrance. That is a great position to start from.

Hospitality Industry That Sell Service

The hospitality industry is the most unique in the business world because we don’t sell a product. We sell service.

It truly is the “what have you done for me lately” industry. Whether it’s the hotel rooms, the soothing spa, a great big pool, or multiple fantastic restaurants throughout a resort, they mean nothing to the guest if the overall experience is lacking.

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Disclaimer : The opinions expressed in the article is the authors own opinion and does not necessarily reflect that of the Family of M Boutique Ipoh Hotels.

Be True!

Truly, the M Boutique Family also knows that it is hard to continually meet our Friends expectations. As in any property, we do have our shortcomings, be it infrastructure, or internal and external factors. For us, we have to be reminded continually to be as open as possible, and whilst we too are only human, need to accept all forms of criticism, both the good and bad. Hence, the M Boutique Family in Ipoh benchmarks our performance on TripAdvisor which we feel is an open platform that is less biased (or so we think). This is to pressure ourselves to consistently maintain or improve our services. True, there are things that we cannot overcome. But keeping ourselves in check is the most important thing in our minds for now. This also helps us be as truthful to our friends and more importantly, true to ourselves.

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