The Holy month of Ramadhan is a significant and important time for Muslims all over. Without a doubt, there are some who will ask about the significance of this holy month. Generally, Ramadhan is known to Muslims as one of the most important season where they perform their devotion to garner good merits and for rest of us, a ‘food festival’ of sorts. In conjunction with Ramadhan, the M Kaki Makan collectively decided to venture to the Ipoh Stadium’s Bazaar Ramadhan, as our food review. Ha! It was not an easy task for the M Kaki Makan reviewers as we were fasting and hence there lie the temptations! As Muslims, we had to ensure that we did not cave in to these temptations be it hunger, thirst and even the feast right before our eyes.

Largest Bazaar in Ipoh

Stadium Ipoh’s Bazaar Ramadhan is the largest one in the city and comprises of over 70 stalls located within the parking lot of Stadium Indra Mulia. And yes, that is a lot of stalls! Once on site, your eyes will have a tough time to take in the sights! (Psstt. We spent well over an hour in this Bazaar just browsing around). One has to remember that the Holy month of Ramadhan teaches us to control our desires, so let’s not be wasteful ok? We know that many of the stall owners would arrive as early as 4.00 pm to set up their equipment with locals trickling in around 5.00 pm. Our secret? We always spy this bazaar from the rooftop of M Roof Hotel & Residences! (The smell of Ayam Percik over hot coals even reaches us ok? No joke!).

This bazaar offers many choices and is the ‘go to’ place during Ramadhan for city folk, mainly due to it’s strategic location. Interestingly, there are also places where you can perform ‘zakat’ at this bazaar, and hence an air of festivity is apparent. Parking you ask? Not to worry, the local municipal council has ensured sufficient parking for all (its more convenient if you come on motorbike or walk across from M Roof Hotel & Residences). There are many varieties to choose from, be it food or drinks, ranging from traditional to modern cuisine. We did not have the opportunity to try all, and if you would like to visually sample the festive atmosphere at this bazaar, we made a special video for you here.

Mango Tango @ Alif Nozi Pure Juice

Among our top choice is Alif Nozi Pure Juice stall with it’s main offering – mango juice. We took the opportunity to try both juice and mango float. Their mango juice is a must try – thick and fresh and will quench your thirst while you break fast. You could say it’s akin to a whole fresh mango blended to juice (there were still bits and pieces of mango flesh in the juice, like having Nata De Coco). More importantly, this juice did not taste like it was made from flavoured cordials. Therefore, its not surprising to find a long queue at this stall till the owner had to put up barrier cones. Before we forget, they also sell other beverages like Lemon with Sour Plum, Watermelon, Corn, Grass Jelly, Green Tea and more. Their mango juice also comes conveniently packed in take away plastic bottles that are prepared in advance.

Charcoal Fried Kuey Teow

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to the main dish for breaking fast. One of our family members was drooling at the Charcoal Fried Kuey Teow, situated right beside Alif Nozi Pure’s stall. No wonder he is missing as we are ordering juices. What we wanted to share was the uniqueness of this dish. Normally, Fried Kuey Teow is cooked over a normal stove (alahh, gas stove la), but they used a charcoal stove that is rare to find Malay Traders. using this olden method. So we did taste some difference in the Fried Kuey Teow. The best part, the seller offered 3 types of accompaniments to his dish to heighten its flavours; pickled chilies, chilly sauce and homemade secret spicy sauce. We’ll ask you to give it a try, as the seller was very generous with his portions of cockles and kuey teow. Definitely a big portion! Wah!

One and Only Burger Boss

Next! Crispy Chicken Burger Stall. This trader is affectionately known as “Burger Boss” and is only available in Perak State ok? If you are from out state, you’re most welcome to the Silver State to try this burger! The name of the stall rings with familiarity through a pun; taking after the Perak Football team, “The Boss Gaurus”. Really satisfying! That’s the best sentence we could find to depict the delicious Crisy Chicken Burger! The crunchy outer batter does not fall off unlike Shihlin’s friend chicken (Taiwan Streets Snacks) while the chicken meat is similiar to KFC’s Zinger Burger with a heavier chili punch. Ha! Can you begin to visualize it? 2 in 1. Even though the burger bun appeared to be your normal, everday bun, it was soft. Really worth every tasty bite. Price? Unbelievable ….. only RM 6.00.

Bek…Bek…I’ve been skewed!

At the same time, we also happened to pass by a stall called Waja Kambing Bakar (Waja Roasted Lamb). Remember our previous food review? Remember our family member who is a big fan of Lamb? Looking at his facial expression ogling at the roasting meats, he tried their BBQ Lamb Skewers and Meatball, and then you could tell that he was extremely satisfied with his purchase. The skewers were tender and did not have the musty lamb smell. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you try just one skewer? We’re pretty sure it will leaving you wanting more! However, we cannot say the same with regards to the meatball. We didn’t find anything to shout about, though it was springy and does not fall apart easily. We spent RM10 for 10 meat balls that was served with mashed potato and BBQ Sauce.

Itadakimasu…it’s Meru Takoyaki!

Fans of food from the land of the rising sun, we urge you to try Meru Takoyaki. Remember this stall whenever you patronize this bazaar as the price is really reasonable. There are 3 types of Takoyaki – Octopus, Prawn and Chicken. Tako = Diced Octopus and Yaki = Fried Batter, which is how the name of this dish was derived. Sadly, when we arrived, there were only Prawn and Chicken options, as Octopus had sold out! In my opinion, I prefer Prawn Takoyaki versus Chicken. The texture of the batter was really fluffy and soft. In all honestly, what brings out the taste of the Takoyaki was it’s sauce. We spoke to the seller and were told that they home make their own sauce and as such, is more suited to our Malaysian palates. Till today, I cannot forget the mouth watering combination of bonito flakes with takoyaki sauce.

Ayam Golek anyone?

Whosoever craves ayam golek, stop by a stall called Lan Ayam Golek Madu. Their chicken ala rotisserie (can’t really find an equivalent name in English) is cooked through (there are some who prefer it a little under cooked), marinated with numerous spices and finished off with honey which shines through when taking a bite. To all ayam golek fans, this is a must try!

A Murtabak full of onions…

Our search for Murtabak ended up at Murtabak Taiping Restoran Nasi Kandar Gany’s stall. It took around 20 minutes for us to queue in line and we hoped the waiting time would be rewarded with a satisfying flavour. This was the most important to most foodies – why the long queue? Why was it so unique? Well as the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained. When tasting Murtabak Taiping we found was filled with mouthfuls of onion opposed that had replaced traditional meat fillings of chicken or beef. To us, it tasted like eating another Malaysian favourite, Roti Canai Bawang. Honestly we could not really enjoy this version of murtabak as we had a tendency to compare this to the meat version, or perhaps it was because of the long queues with had their staff trying to cope we demand, taking some short cuts which in turn affected the overall taste.

Kueh-mueh is a must for break fast

Ok, it’s time for desserts before going back to the Hotel to break fast. We opted to buy a couple of Malaysian sweet and savory kueh… comprising donuts, buah melaka, akok and fried mushrooms (oops that’s a snack!). We had a fanatical family member who swears she buys this donut everytime she patronizes this place as an absolute must during the fasting month. Besides the dough being very soft, they also come in an assortment of flavours, chocolate, screw-pine, durian and red velvet (which we call doughnut hipster).

Buah Melaka or Akok? Both so sweet!

Buah Melaka (or Onde Onde) also caught our attention because it was made on the spot to order! For those who are curious how Buah Melaka is made, you can come and visit this stall called Station Utara here. As to the taste? It was warm to the mouth and it oozed with brown sugar, simply divine. For us locals, price is always important and at RM 2.00, you will get 10 pieces. That’s enough for the whole family right?

For Kuih Akok fans, I would suggest you visit the stall named Zalrin Dapur Warisan. Through our observation, it appeared that their Kuih akok was selling fast which made us want to try this delectable traditional sweet from the East Coast of Malaysia. Traditionally, this kuih use of a lot of eggs, imparting its natural sweetness to this dish. If too little is used, the result will be a flat, tasteless kuih. To some of our family members, it tasted nice, but not everyone agreed. According to our ‘professional’ akok lover, kuih akok is normally cooked through and not “half baked” which had affected it’s texture and taste. Let’s be fair, everyone has differentiating tastes, so we’ll leave it as such.

Richly thick Teh tarik LELEH!

Lastly, we arrive at the end of this food review which was extremely taxing as there were so much to choose and many family members! We just wanted to share our selections this time around (actually only I picked all the dishes!). Before we sign off, I would like to introduce you to Teh Tarik Leleh! The most important aspect that made me choose this drink because I knew it was going to be richly thick (kaw!) and not too sweet. The bitterness of the tea coupled with the creaminess of the milk seemed to intermingle in mouth. Price was reasonable and the froth just kept floating and floating … and did not crumble. This is where it gets it’s name “Leleh” from – the foam. You will find many Teh Tarik fans at their stall. One tasting of  Teh Tarik Ais Leleh Viral and we’ll know you’ll be back for more!


Overall. this food review cost us RM 104.00 for 6 persons. Cheap right? Therefore, during the next coming Ramadhan, we would recommend shopping at the Ramadhan Bazaar at Stadium Ipoh for the whole family. Whats important? Simple : cheap and tasty. Our rating for this Bazaar? We accord a score of 5/10 based on our food/drink selections that we had ordered and tasted during breaking fast. However, the rating could be higher if we had more time and resources in this Ramadhan Bazaar. That’s it for now! Let’s meet again in our upcoming food review! To all Muslims, Salam Ramadhan Mubarak!

This food review was originally written in Bahasa Malaysia and was translated into English by the M Boutique Family.

Jalan Ghazali Jawi, Taman Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Dibuka hanya pada bulan Ramadan dari jam 4.00 petang – 8.00 malam.

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback provided by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review

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