We Love Family

It is our belief that family plays an important role in our lives and therefore we would like to treat all of our friends to a “our” family contest for the…

Birthday Shout Out To Us!

It’s been sometime since we saw some activity on our website! Anyhow we’re back! Did you miss us? What better time than to tell you guys and gals that we are now 3 years of age! It just seemed like yesterday when we were busy with pre-opening this property, and with a bat of our eyes, we are already 3 years old. So it seemed timely that we celebrating and as a gesture of our goodwill (yes, we’ve been good) we are now offering 30% Discount OFF ALL OUR ROOMS! Unbelievable no?

We Cost It Down!

In recent times, M Boutique Family have also felt the pinch of the rising cost of Living in Malaysia. That is why we want to cost it down! While in…

October Home

It’s time to get inventiveness for the coming year-end Festivities. As part of your planned home improvements that may feature decorative ideas. The Family at M Boutique thinks that our homes in…