Ayam Gepuk Ganteng Mural

What We Say

We are adventurous and cannot miss out on challenging our palate for spicy delights at Ayam Gepuk Ganteng. According to Mr. Azril, their improvised recipe is from his grandmother of Javanese descent. He revealed that the preparation was the most difficult, requiring blood, sweat, and tears. That is why their Ayam Gepuk is one of the best in Ipoh!

Clued Up

This popular Indonesian-Malay fusion restaurant lies directly opposite the Doremi Steamboat. The downhearted story starts with the closure of Perak MAPS (Movie Animation Park Studio) as they were working as entertainers there. Back in the day when Ayam Gepuk was hard to find in Ipoh, they brought the idea of opening this business. They started with a stall situated in front of Meru’s McDonald’s. Alas, they moved their premises to a new shop lot.


Make sure you arrive there early as it fills up quickly during lunch. Online and in-house orders kept coming in time after time without a break.


Set Ayam Gepuk Ganteng and Set Keli Ganteng, served with fried Tempeh (fermented soybean cake), fresh cabbage, cucumber, and their signature sambal. Little known what ingredients they used to marinate, the chicken and Ikan Keli were fragrant and well-seasoned. Ayam Gepuk would not be complete without marvelous sambal. The wicked hand-grinded chilies leave a scorching flavorful and piquant spiciness. You may also try their Set Indomie Ayam Gepuk, full of delectable chicken seasoning with small chicken chunks. There is a selection of noodles in Set Bakso Ganteng ━ mee, bihun (vermicelli), or Maggi (instant noodle). I never tried Maggi bakso before, so I give it a shot. Their homemade meatball has the right combination of the tenderness of meat and fat. The broth is tasty and not too overpowering. Just be warned that sambal kicap will set you on fire.

Lemon Ais (RM2.50), Ribena Lemon (RM3.50), Ribena Soda (RM3.50) and Longan Soda Citrus (RM4.50)

Further Information

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday (11:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

Address: 70, Jln Meru Bestari A8, Bandar Meru Raya, 31200 Ipoh, Perak

Contact: 018-243 4403

Website | Facebook | Instagram


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