After 2 years since your inception, not many know that M Boutique Hotel inspired by many fashion / clothes boutiques around South East Asia. In actual fact, when we began this project, we did not use any interior designers. But instead go for our friends who are from the “Lifestyle” industry; namely Lifeshop Atelier. Whose main headquarters in also based in Ipoh, Malaysia. Lifeshop had taken much of the fashion/clothes boutique inspired ideas. They then mashed it up to create what you see today at M Boutique. Hence, M Boutique is a double play on the work Boutique; a small Boutique Hotel with it’s very own Boutique.

We have taken great pain to infuse both Malaysia’s Colonial past and modern urban décor, in bringing to you 93 chic, urban Straits Eclectic rooms, replicating much of the pre-war shop houses found in the Straits Settlements of yesteryear’s, with a wicked twist. We do try hard to pay attention to the smallest detail in everything that we do; from the fluffy bedding in our rooms to our rendered services.

For a dash of fun, we have included a short video on some fashion / clothes boutique; can spot the elements that being put into M Boutique?

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