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Miker pizzas is a flavourful and hand-made goodness of crispy dough, melted cheese, meat, and green that makes it easy to love. Indeed, their pizza dough is hand-stretched with a classic New York pizza style – crunchy with a thin crust. In fact, who can resist a slice or two of heaven that gives you a sensational taste in every bite you take?

Miker Pizza Preparation
Pizza preparation by Mr. Shakir himself

In The Know Of Miker Pizza

Formerly known as Chik Pizza, their journey of thousand miles begins by selling homemade pizza from home and then moving into a pizza vendor in Miker Food. After four years, they spread their wings by opening their store called Miker Pizza, a stone’s throw away from Miker Food. Being stable years later, they proudly opened a second branch of Miker’s at Gunung Rapat.

It all started with the owner’s enthusiasm for pizza who did not have any background in culinary arts but had a true passion to try anything. He was eager in his pizza experiments by watching pizza videos on YouTube and Instagram.


Are you trying to find Miker Pizza? All you need to do is find the uncle with his cup of coffee mural at Padang Ipoh. Take note that Miker Pizza is a self-service outlet. Not just that, with an open kitchen concept, you can see the freshly made to order pizza from start dough preparation until the end products.


There is a wide variety of degustation menus significantly as it prides on Mr. Shakir’s enthusiasm for trying. To emphasize, the must-try pizza that gives a flavourful twist on a classic Italian dish aptly called Ultimate Kampung. For this reason, everyone was eager on trying as it has anchovies, bird’s eye chili, topped off with torch ginger. It was quite skeptical to give a try at first but by golly, it was oishii!

In other words, if you a big fan of cheese, you need to check out Crazee Cheese! To be sure, it was a simple plain pizza with just loads of bolognese sauce and imported Australia’s mozzarella cheese. The pizza shines like a finely gold bar with long strands of cheese…markedly that is what pizza dreams are.

For meat lovers out there, Crazee Meat is for you. It’s a mishmash of beef pepperoni, beef salami and beef meatball scattered all over the pizza. To be sure, you can indulge in the chewiness of meat in every bite!

Also, don’t forget to try their dessert. Kinda Burnt Cheesecake was loaded with cheese and had a divine taste! But don’t worry, it will not make you surfeit. As for Burnt Nutella Cheesecake, it lingered with smoothness of moist cheese yet chocolaty that wasn’t overly sweet.

Further Information

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday (11:00 AM – 11:00 PM)

Address: 1, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 30000 Ipoh, Perak (Ipoh Padang Branch)

Contact: 011-1030 0333

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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