There is something about the combination of crispy dough, melt cheese, meat and greens in a pizza that makes it so easy to love and enjoy by people. Who can resist a slice or two of heaven that gives you a sensational taste in every bite you take? Only pizza can make you experience this delectable sensory experience. There are numerous pizza restaurants in Ipoh that serve up really exquisite pizzas, but one of the best haunts serving mouth-watering selection of thin-crust pizzas with generous ingredients is Miker’s. Combining local flavours with Italian that gives it a new twist.

Short Brief of Miker Pizza

The M Makan Kaki’s thrilled to try these slices of pizza. Before we begin, here is the short brief of Miker Pizza. It all started with the owner’s enthusiasm for pizza who did not have any background in culinary arts but had a true passion to try anything. By watching pizza videos online, mostly from Youtube and Instagram, Mr. Shakir was eager in his pizza experiments, resulting in these pizza recipes. Operated almost a year selling homemade pizza from home called Chik Pizza in April 2015, they expand their pizza stall into a restaurant called Miker Food. After 4 years of continuous operation, they made the bold move by opening their store called Miker Pizza, a stone’s throw away from Miker Food. According to Mr. Shakir, with this expansion, they can fulfill their customers raving demand for pizza anytime of day. Now, Miker Pizza has made more than 150 pizza/day.

Where is the location of Miker Pizza?

You must be wondering where is the location of Miker Pizza? Find the uncle with his cup of a coffee mural at Padang Ipoh, this is where Miker Pizza is located.

The Restaurant Ambiance

The interior of this pizza mansion was nice and cozy with an easygoing ambiance. Their white wall with drawings makes me astounded and the doodles! I just lovingly adore as I too like to doodle. I guarantee you will enjoy the casual atmosphere, with great spots for your insta stories. Most importantly, you need to take note that Miker Pizza is a self-service outlet (you know what to do right? Get up and do everything by yourself!). With an open kitchen concept, you can see the freshly made to order pizza from start to end, it’s all about fresh, flavourful and hand-made goodness. The pizza dough is hand-stretched with a classic New York pizza styles – crunchy with a thin crust. Mr. Shakir said that even though the dough is not perfectly round, but what’s important is the taste.

Browsing the menu, we narrowed down to seven deadly sins. Actually, I would like to try all nine of them, but our fussy eaters refused to try the Vegan Pizza and Spicy Tuna Pizza, so there will be no review on this dynamic duo. It was an hour of pain in the rear, just waiting, but right after the pizza reached our table…it knocked the socks off everyone on the table. Impatient eaters wanted to grab the pizza as it served in front of their eyes, but I had to stop them from ruining me getting some pizza shots. Putting up with their annoyance on wanting us to stop taking pictures, it’s finally time to get our hands dirty with oozing cheese and sauce stains!

The Ultimate Kampung!

Everyone was eager on trying the pizza especially on one that has anchovies, bird’s eye chili, topped off with torch ginger aptly called Ultimate Kampung. It was quite skeptical to give a try at first but by golly, it was oishii! Who would have thought that this Asian Fusion gives that flavourful twist on this classic Italian dish?. If you’re a big fan of cheese, you need to check out Crazee Cheese! It was a simple plain pizza with just loads of cheese! As to what type of cheese used, we were told that the crowning glory was their signature mozzarella cheese specially imported from Australia. The pizza shines like a finely polished gold bar with long strands of cheese at the first pull and a soft creamy texture on the first bite…that is what pizza dreams are made of.

Crazee Meat for Meat Lovers

For meat lovers out there, Crazee Meat is made for you. It’s a mishmash of beef pepperoni, beef salami and beef meatball scattered all over the pizza where you can indulge in the chewiness of meat in every bite. Another beef pizza that you shouldn’t give a miss is Beef Pepperoni. It was satisfying and is a straight forward pizza with a great portion of thin beef pepperoni slices, tangy tomato sauce, and mozzarella. Jump into the next pizza, if you were looking for a bite of the tropics, why don’t you give Hawaiian BBQ a try.

The presence of canned pineapple slices combined with chicken, onion, and a squiggle of BBQ sauce, makes this a flavorsome pizza reminiscent to having pina colada by the beach. To sum up our review on Miker’s, we decided to have a little food experiment by adding on spicy Jalapeno in our Chicken Supreme pizza to experience some spiciness (so Malaysian lah, not spicy don’t want to makan…lol).

Tobasco needed! (for a dose of heat)

Unfortunately, our chips were down and so our food experiment failed…what we believed it would add spiciness, what an epic fail! For a jaw-dropping dose of heat, it is better for you to eat your pizza with Tabasco or red chili flakes instead. However, the dressing atop the chicken slice, sausage, and mushroom contras the taste of this pizza. Despite the good reviews, here comes the spoiler. Our finicky connoisseur disapproves of the Meat Ball Pizza as the chunky meatball in the pizza is dry and nothing to shout about. That’s too bad! I was so looking for a perfect review, but ain’t everything is perfect in this world.

Our voracious appetite polished the whole pizza in the blink of an eye. How many slices of pizza you think M Makan Kaki’s have gorged? It was at least five slices each. (INSANE!) Bloated with pizza, we quenched our thirst with a range of soft drinks, if not we will be choked. Do not expect any brewed tea or coffee, milk, or fresh juices as they are not available. On top of that, we ordered two sets of Mushroom Soup and Garlic Bread. It was so good until we were at a lost for words, especially the garlic bread. I tried to persuade Mr. Shakir for the recipe, but he refused to share, citing top-secret. The butter on the garlic bread spread evenly with a crispy edge. I strongly recommended this (no regret, I tell you!). The mushroom soup was creamy and not too thick.

We ended with some dessert!

However, it was not purely homemade as it tasted like instant mushroom soup powder. What more could you ask for, than having cake for dessert? A slice of cheesecake won’t ruin your diet. We ordered Kinda Burnt Cheesecake and Burnt Nutella Cheesecake. Kinda Burnt Cheesecake was loaded with cheese and had a divine taste! But don’t worry, it will not make you surfeit. As for Burnt Nutella Cheesecake, it lingered with smoothness of moist cheese yet chocolaty that wasn’t overly sweet.

Beverages, RM3.00-RM5.00 (per drink)

The overall meal was satisfying with a total of RM182.00 for the gluttonous 9 on the table. The price considers reasonable for 7 pizzas, side dishes, desserts, and drinks. With only RM15.00 for one regular pizza, you won’t pour money down the drain. Ratings? We would give it 8/10 in part due to our dissatisfaction with the Meat Ball pizza.

If you need to know more about them, don’t forget to pay a visit to their official website or read our previous post about Miker Food.

1, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 30000 Ipoh, Perak
Phone no
012-500 1635 / 011-1030 0033
Operation Hour
11:00 am – 11:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)

NOTE : We do not eat for free, nor were we paid for this review. We ordered and paid for everything that we consume. This review is a general summary from feedback by all members of the M Boutique Family who partook in the Food Review. If you need to know more about them, don’t forget to pay a visit to their official website or read our previous post about Miker Food.

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