Safety is the concern of many, as the covid virus continues to spread across the world. Malaysia is notably now in the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) phase. This gives us, after all this time, more freedom to carry out our daily activities whilst returning to our normal activities. Furthermore, we can now travel interstate and hotels are ready to receive and serve guests.

In contrast, everyone is required to continuously adopt and comply with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as part of the new best safety practices. This has been set out by the various Government agencies such as MKN, KKM, etc. The M Boutique Family is just keen to keep our home as clean as possible from any unwanted diseases.

Newfangled Cleanliness of Safety

Hygiene, the top concern for us” – The M Boutique Family of Hotels & Residences.

As part of our efforts in building trust while you walk through the doors of any chosen hotel, we upgraded our cleaning standards. Though we would incur more costs, our main objective is to enhance safety for not only you, but everyone. As such, we realigned our safety guidelines to meet, if not exceed, our Malaysian Government’s SOP. Listed below are some of our efforts for your safety;

Room Cleaning Procedures : We made additions to our exiting housekeeping procedures as part of the new rigorous cleaning regiment. This include sanitising and disinfecting of high-touch areas like the telephone, remote control, door handle, switches, fridge and other amenities. More importantly we only use approved disinfectants.

First Room Sanitising at M Roof Hotel & Residences

Surface Area: It is important to always keep high-touch surfaces of the hotel’s public area clean. Therefore, cleaning takes place at regular intervals, at areas where frequent interactions between our family and guests happen. This includes the reception counter and lobby area. We are conscientious in wiping surfaces regularly with disinfectants as part of our new cleaning protocols.

Is once enough?

Generally speaking, we wondered if one round of disinfecting was enough. Nevertheless, we decided to add an additional layer of safety for all. Consequently, we procured ULV Cold Blowers to spray, clean and disinfect our home, for better efficiency. We also do this for all guest’s rooms as well, by our housekeeping members prior to your arrival. It is important to note after our initial room cleaning and resting of the rooms, we actually do a secondary disinfection.

Sanitising Rooms Prior to your arrival, an additional layer of protection for your safety.

Safety Practices

Always, before entering and/or in our premises

Listed herewith, are some guidelines when we welcome you to any of our M Boutique Hotels. The implementation of stringent SOP’s by our Malaysian Government and it’s agencies, is for safety purposes. We will list some of these measures as follows:

Entering the Hotel: Guests need to use and scan the MySejahtera QR Code prior to entering our premises. Temperature screening is also a requirement using our hands-free thermometer. Thereafter, guests would need to sanitise the palm of their hands with the provided hand-sanitiser for your safety. If your body temperature exceeds 37.5°C and/or you show symptoms such as cough, sore throat, shortness of breath – we advise you to consult medical professionals. Guests is encouraged to wear face masks at all times while in the hotel premises.

Practicing Social Distancing : The first and foremost way in preventing the spread of COVID-19 is notably, social distancing. Yes, inconvenient at times, but it’s for everybody’s safety. You are required to queue keeping a distance of 1 meter, following the markers on the floor whenever entering the hotel. The same practices applies during the check-in process as well. Just follow the lines, please. Remember safety is everybody’s responsibility. Furthermore, we will limit the number of persons into the elevator at any one time and you will need to follow the square marks in maintaining social distancing.

Minimize Interaction : We provide a hands-free thermometer for everyone for safety purposes. Furthermore, in keeping with the safety practices, we will not allow people to loiter in the hotel lobby area.

Avoid 3C’s and Practice 3 W’s : To assist in controlling the contagion of COVID-19, The M Boutique Family of Hotels together with The Ministry of Health of Malaysia follow these new safety practices. This is inclusive of the ‘Avoid 3C’s’ – namely crowded places, confined spaces, and close conversation. We are also encouraged to ‘Practice 3W’s’ – which is wash, wear, and warn.

The New Normal

This new hospitality approach that we are taking is to ensure your overall safety during your stay at any of our hotels. In other words, we are committed to a safer and cleaner environment. Your cooperation is very much appreciated in keeping the environment safe for everyone, as we put much effort to do so. After all, it is not just for us but for your health and safety. Your own actions will ultimately lead to better safety for everyone, which is advantageous for everyone.

Over these last few weeks, we have been saying, “Help Us to Help You in Helping Everyone”. #kitajagakita


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